Sunday, December 28, 2014

Our favorite time of year...

Can you guess why this is our favorite time of year?  If you guessed because of the after Christmas sales, then you guessed correctly, my dears!  Here's some of the oh-so-hijab-friendly goodies we scored and some we have serious crushes on.

Let's start with H&M.  Huge sale going on here.  We love this black simple hooded maxi dress.  There are endless possibilities with this piece.  Dress it up, dress it down, or lounge around in it.  You can't go wrong for $10!!!  Did I mention that this is a great DEALIE-O?!

We also love this extra long hoodie.  Perfect for busy day when you're running errands.  Modest, chic, affordable!  You most definitely cannot go wrong with this wardrobe staple for $25!

Now on to Forever 21.  We found an amazing long black blazer that we absolutely LOVED!!  The perfect hijab-friendly length, and oh-so chic.  The quality was also AMAZING! (I know because I saw it in the actual store.)  You're probably thinking good quality and Forever 21 are not synonymous.  Trust me when I say this piece is FABULOUS!  It's a wool-polyester-silk blend, and from the Premium Collection.  For $49.99, you cannot find something this amazingly made.  

Now on to Zara, one of our favorites.  We love how they have so many tunic-length options.  Here's a poncho-style sweatshirt that we adore.  For $39.99, you can't go wrong.  Act fast because this is in the  stock clearance section, meaning there are only a few left.  

And finally, this poncho, for $79.99, we love.  Black and white with a pop of red.  So elegant and chic.  

All of these can be ordered online.  So if you want to avoid the crowds, click on the links above, add to cart, and proceed.  

Happy shopping!!

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