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Muslim Girls Love Lipstick Too

I used to wear heavy make-up, (I still do at times) and I used to LOVE wearing lipstick. All. The. Time. My favorite colors were purple, plum and dark red by Christian Dior. I have to admit, they had the most luscious, beautifully pigmented, nicely hydrating formulas. After embracing Islam, even though I knew that wearing heavy make-up was discouraged, I couldn't just go cold turkey. I was addicted! I just loved the continuous moisturizing effect, the feeling of creaminess, and of course the splash of color on the lips. I used to apply it ever so precisely to define the contour and to make my pout a little bit more voluptuous…
To me lipstick was just a simple accessory. A tiny piece of make-up that held magical powers to quickly transform the ‘sleepy’ looking me, into ‘awake’ and ‘confident’ me. It just gave me a sense of a ‘put together’ girl. Most of the women in my family used to wear it, including the ones I looked up to. It was just a natural thing for me to do, no second thoughts. It didn't mean much more than deciding what color would complement my complexion the best…
During my travel to the Middle-East, I had the pleasure to meet many extraordinary Muslim girls, who were especially wrapped up with beautification of their CHARACTER, rather than their outer beauty. Yet amazingly enough, their faces were glowing with captivating beauty. The peaceful, cheerful and ever so polite young ladies were grabbing every opportunity to make their family and friends around them happy. Their grace and immaculate manners were further beautifying their personalities, something so rare to find in other parts of the world I've been to. They weren't concerned with the hottest shade of the eye-shadow, or latest ‘long-lasting’ formula of lipstick. They were focused on everlasting beauty of the heart.
The realization of the TRUE BEAUTY made me want to compete in this kind of beauty… I didn’t want to wear lipstick anymore. However, it took some time to quit. The addiction was strong, but I knew I had to do something, so I resorted to a lightly tinted balm and chap-sticks when I was going out. It worked! I was able to trick my senses and still had the nice hydration while on my way to ‘recovery’!
One of my favorite lip stain/balm is the Chubby Stick Baby Tint by Clinique. It gives me all the moisture I need with a slightest tint, that’s really unnoticeable.
Islamic teachings dictate, we shouldn't beautify ourselves, if we know that there might be a possibility of coming across a non-mahram, meaning a man who is not a member of our immediate family. (For more details on mahrams please go HERE.) The Muslim women are encouraged to beautify themselves inside of their houses for their husbands. So go ahead, take this privilege and impress him once in awhile, and wear it freely to all girls parties too.
‘Using cosmetics such as lipstick and blush is alright, especially for a married woman.’ (Fataawa Shaykh Ibn ‘Uthaymeen, part 2, p. 828.)
‘If a woman does not appear wearing that in front of strange men (non-mahrams) and it does not contain any impure substances such as pig extracts, and it is not harmful to the skin, then it is permissible, especially in order to beautify oneself for one’s husband. The basic principle concerning adornments is that they are permissible. And Allaah knows best.’ (from; entire post HERE.)

If you are faced with the ‘lipstick addiction’ and would like to break up, here are a few things you can do:
  • be a trendsetter, the first among your friends to go ‘bare-lips’
  • if you are sincere about it, pray and ask Allah to make this ‘painful break-up’ an easy one
  • trick your lips into thinking that they are covered with luscious lipstick by slathering some lip balm
  • surround yourself with people who support your decision
  • if you are married, talk to your husband to find out what he thinks about it
  • follow your heart
Here are a few more tips for the Muslimahs regarding beauty, circulating the Internet:
  • For beautiful face and skin, make wudu (ablution) before praying 5 times daily
  • For beautiful lips, speak words of truth and praises of Allah
  • For beautiful hands, use them to do good work for family, community and charity
  • For beautiful eyes, take time to look around in wonder at Allah’s Creation
  • For beautiful hair, cover modestly and show only to people who have the right to see it


I love you Girls! Stay focused!
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