Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Best shopping tip ever!

Have you ever gone to a store, found that PERFECT top of your dreams, and wanted to cry because you wished it was just a tad longer?  Well, worry no more fellow hijabistas!  Many stores offer a tall option, meaning that the top you like will be slightly longer than the generic sizes they have available.  Now, in my eyes, this is a WIN-WIN situation.  The only downside is that you would have to order your desired item online, because most stores don't always carry tall sizes.

A great example of this is the below sequin side-stripe tunic I recently purchased from J.Crew (on sale!).  While it's already long, I felt that if it was just a bit longer, it would look so much better.  And I was right!  Just order your regular size in the tall length, and it should be a perfect fit.

Remember, other stores offer tall sizing as well, including Banana Republic, Gap, and Old Navy.  You may have to order online, but many times if you order online via a sales associate, you don't have to pay shipping.  Another great tip!

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