Wednesday, November 12, 2014

What Can You Do to Be a More Beautiful Person

As'salamu Alaykum dear HijabiTopians!

I am grateful for the opportunity to connect with you through this beautiful blog of our lovely Islamic Fashion Designer, Sister Elif Kavakci.

Don't we all love fashion, glitter, beauty? But we should never forget that beauty is not just about the external features of our persons. It goes deeper than that. It's the character, the manners, the heart.

Do you often struggle with finding the ability to be kind to others while feeling tired and irritated with daily struggles of life?  Do you ever ask yourself: am I kind to MYSELF? What do I mean by kind to yourself? I mean care enough to pay attention to your own physical and spiritual needs. Once you are kind to yourself, your entire attitude towards life and fellow humans changes too.

As Muslims we are obligated to pray five daily prayers, which should take care of our spirituality. Well, does it? Everyday? Not for me... unfortunately. Sometimes, as I am praying, going through the prayer with my body, but not with my heart. I struggle to achieve the true connection with Allah Almighty. The Satan is working his hardest to divert my concentration during this time.

Working on improving our prayers, listening to Islamic lectures (here for an example), reading the Qur'an or the translation of the Qur'an, supplicating and dhikr (remembrance of Allah) may help us a lot. It all brings more contentment to the soul.

"Only in remembrance of Allah (swt) will your heart find peace" Qur'an 13:28

Here is an excellent post on how to improve khushu (humility) in our salah (prayer), which leads to successful and fulfilling connection with out Maker Allah Almighty.

We are also obligated to take care of our bodies. Our beloved Prophet Muhammad pbuh said, that the best gift from Allah after imaan (faith), is health.

The final messenger of God, Prophet Muhammad, pbuh mounted the pulpit, then wept and said, "Ask Allah (swt) for forgiveness and health, for after being granted certainty, one is given nothing better than health." Related in Tirmidhi 

Aren't we supposed to appreciate our health, never take it for granted and care of it by taking care of our bodies as well? Connection with Allah, the certainty and health go hand in hand to achieve well-being. So what else can we do to keep our bodies in a good shape?
  • Eat halal food, and that what is beneficial, in a measured manner.
  • Follow with a health practitioner if we fell sick.
  • Ensure adequate sleep.
  • Be physically active.
  • Reduce stress, etc.

All of the above are important steps to a healthier you, but there is one, which by doing on regular basis can help take care of the rest of them. It is the PHYSICAL ACTIVITY. (More about the benefits of physical activity from Mayo Clinic here.) 

I don't know about you, but I hate working-out, however, truly LOVE the feeling afterwards. Besides elevating my mood and literally making me a better, kinder human, the little use of the muscles balances my hormones, improves the quality of my night sleep, increases my metabolism, encourages healthy eating and reduces stress. How awesome is that!?

If you do not follow a work-out routine for any reason, try to take a walk, go biking or do a few easy exercises at home after fajr prayer.

I began a new fitness series on my own blog, to help us stay motivated and active, the easy way! For starters, the exercises include basic plank, that strengthens your core while shrinking your waist, and lunges that firm and strengthen the lower body.

All you do is investing a few minutes a day for a betterment of you and to becoming a more beautiful person INSIDE AND OUT :)

Your Sister in Islam,
Muslim Girl in Love

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