Friday, November 14, 2014

Halal Poetry for the Heart

It's so hard to find anything to read these days that has an intellectual context and does not use bad language. I mean, it's one thing for us adults, but what do our children read? The toddlers have a small number of options to read from, not that most of those are not full of silly fairy tales, but they still have a larger option that does not use improper language.

There is a lack of literature for our Muslim teenagers to read. My daughter, who most of you probably already know, loves to read. Yet as a mom, I have no option of offering her books that have a good message, or proper language, because there are NONE! I know all her friends also read profusely. 

Luckily, Janna also loves to write. I had told her a long time ago that I would like to share her writing here on our blog because I enjoy reading it as an adult, and there are so many Muslim girls or boys her age who could take advantage of her stories.

Anyway, long story short, Janna now writes her stories on a site called Wattpad. This site does not allow us to copy the works, but we are required to provide a link.

Janna writes regularly on Wattpad and as a mom, Alhamdulillah I am so proud of her work and her talent. I love seeing her strong Islamic values portrayed in her writing.

Just to give you a background in case you don't read her bio before you read the poems, Janna is a hifz student whose heart has been touched by Qur'an in many ways. Thus, many of her poems quotes an ayah, or has a title related to the five daily prayers. One of her poetry books is about a Muslim homeless girl, and the challenges she faces. 

Please share her work with your kids, or anyone who enjoys good, clean writing with a wholesome message.

Profile: @fadedblue

Link to one of her poems from the "Faded Blue Book Chapter of "Fajr" in which she writes about the daily challenges of a homeless Muslim girl.

Jumaah Mubarak, and my love to all...

Elif Kavakci for HijabiTopia

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