Friday, October 3, 2014

Nordstrom ROCKS!!!

These days, there's so much hate going on in the world around us.  Just look at the comments people post on even the cutest and most popular kid/baby videos on YouTube and you will start to wonder about the state of humanity.

The story I'm about to share will change your view, and hopefully inspire you to become a better citizen, and a kinder human being.

We recently came across a story via our newsfeed on Facebook.  It was a post a muslim hijabi customer shared on Nordstrom's wall.  Here it is below:

Zainab H
 -->  ‎Nordstrom

On Wednesday, I realized that I didn't have anything to wear for a celebration on Saturday. After searching for hours, I finally came across the perfect dress on Nordstrom's(website). I spoke to a customer service rep through the chat options about shipping times (needed it ASAP), and J (the rep) very kindly showed me the next day and two day options. During the course of our chat, she asked what occasion the dress was for, and I explained that I was a Muslim and that on Saturday, it was one of our two major holidays. She helped me place the order right away, and even gave me free next business day shipping!
My dress arrived today. It's beautiful! But there was also a second, much smaller, package from Nordstrom's. Did I unthinkingly purchase something else? I didn't have the foggiest idea.
I have no way to reach J to thank her for her kindness; I'm truly humbled and inspired by her thoughtfulness! Thank you! 


What a beautiful random act of kindness!  Thank you J at Nordstrom!  You went out of your way for our sister.  This is just another reason why we ABSOLUTELY love shopping at Nordstrom.  Their customer service is beyond exceptional.  If you haven't gotten your Eid dress yet, GO TO NORDSTROM!  You will be glad you did :).

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  1. This is amazing.
    Love to read a happy story like this!