Friday, April 18, 2014

Muslim consumer demand driven nail polish by Inglot

Inglot has recently come up with a new line of nail polish that they promote as being "breathable".  There has been a plethora of discussion about whether Islamically it is permissible to use wudu-friendly nail products. 

We have mostly stayed away from this discussion on purpose, because 1.) we are not a blog that promotes cosmetics 2.) we do not believe that there is any way a product can be 100% wudu-friendly. 3.)We follow the Prophet's advice of "leaving what is doubtful" and would not use this product and make wudhu over it. 

But we still think that it is quite interesting, and kind of cool that mainstream brands are designing products to help serve Muslim women's needs. 

It is a fact that nail polish damages the well being of a woman's nails by blocking oxygen.  Through this new collection, maybe manufacturers were able to invent a nail polish that gives some breath-ability to the nails, which is wonderful to hear. 

OR, this could also be another marketing strategy for a brand to expand their target and make a bigger profit. What do you think about this new product? Would you use it and take it off, or make wudhu over it?
How do you feel about hijabi role models promoting halal nailpolish in social media?

Farah A. for HijabiTopia

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