Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Kadra Mohamed: First Woman of Somali Decent Joins Police Force

Last Saturday, Kadra Mohamed became the first Somali-American woman to join the St. Paul Police Department, a move made possible by the department's announcement that it has approved an option for employees to wear a police-issued hijab.

Kadra said the hijab was carefully made so that it would not impair her from performing any duties. One row of buttons runs horizontally along the sides of her head, connecting the top half to a scarf that tightly hugs her neck. The buttons can snap off easily, she said, in case a criminal tried to pull the cloth around her neck.

Kadra has paved the way for other Muslim-American young women who feel like their dream of becoming a police officer is not possible. She has become a role model for not only women, but other Somali-Americans who reside in the Twin Cities, which is home to the largest Somali-American population in the nation.

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Farah A. for Hijabitopia

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