Friday, February 7, 2014

Wearable Technology: The emPowered bag lets you charge your phone on the go

The emPowered Bag
Photo courtesy of emPowered
We saw a photo of the emPowered bag and were automatically hooked on this amazing wearable technology. Here is our exclusive interview with the designer!!!

Who are the designers behind the emPowered bag?
Our Founder, Loni Edwards, is also the designer behind our first product, the All-In-One. 

emPowered bag designer Loni Edwards
Photo Courtesy of emPowered

How did you come up with this idea?
Our phones were always running out of battery and we hated using heavy and bulky phone charging cases.  We wanted something that seamlessly fit into our lives.

The emPowered bag
Photo courtesy of emPowered

Everyone must have fallen in love with your amazing invention (we can't imagine why anyone wouldn't, lol) your website states that all your bags are sold out. What is your strategy to meet the great demand? How are you coping with all the interest in your bags?

We are completely sold out at the moment.  We actually sold out during the first 48 hours of our launch!  We started a new production run immediately of the three most requested sold out colors and made them available for preorder.  And then those sold out in a few days.
However, we’ll be announcing the colors in the next production run and making them available for preorder next week.  So there will be more very soon!  

Will you take this idea further and expand on other wearable technology products?

That’s our plan :)

We congratulate Loni Edwards for designing an emPowered and emPressive smart bag that is stylish and technology compatible AND  is at a great price ($149). The emPowered bag is made of leather, comes in a rainbow of colors and ships around the world internationally. You can order yours at

We can't wait to get our hands on one, what about you?

You can also follow emPowered bags on twitter, instagram or their website and blog at

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