Sunday, February 23, 2014

HijabiTopia takes London

Hello there HijabiTopians,

We had a wonderful time visiting London recently. This past week I attended The Global Fashion Management Conference and did an academic paper presentation on The Globalization of Hijab Fashion. Nazreen joined me as well, and I'm so glad she came because I am hilarious when I'm jet lagged, she assisted me by lending me her brain. LOL! I was so exhausted one night that I thought I lost my credit cards when I had only misplaced them, but had already contacted my husband to make sure he canceled them only to find them sitting in my hotel room in the morning (thanks to Nazreen who found them).

London is a beautiful city. We have a large group of followers from London, so a shout out to all of you wonderful Londoners! Thank you for following us. Since this was my first time there, and this conference was only open to conference registrants I could not really invite all of you who live in London to come attend the event, although I would have loved to. I also had several meetings in between while we were there for a few days, so I did not get to plan a meet and greet event, but maybe next time we can arrange a wonderful get together with all of you Londoners.

Right before my speech chatting with the one and only Professor Reina Lewis of London College of Fashion

In any case we had an amazing time. We laughed so much because we kept walking on the wrong side of the street and wanting to go down the wrong side of the stairs, because we are Americans. 

I was also in absolute awe of how many Muslims live in the London area. There is no way Muslims can be a minority in London. I must have seen a zillion hijabis while walking in the streets. That is very rare in the U.S. We never see that many hijabis. I thought I was in a Muslim country! You all should appreciate how lucky you are.

In any case, we had a blast. Although I was busy most of the time attending the conference, on Sunday we took the day off to go sight seeing, and guess what? It was a beautiful, sunny day! And how is that possible? A non-rainy day in London! Yippieeee!!! We were so lucky.

Here are a few photos from our trip to London, but most of them are on Instagram and Twitter or Facebook. As much as we love blogging, all other forms of social media are quicker and thus it seems like we never have time to do detailed posts on the blog.  So it's not that we have forgotten about all of you it's just that we get busier and busier by day, as you can imagine :-). If you want to follow any of us on a daily basis please follow us on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook. 

On my way to my presentation, early Saturday morning, on Oxford Street, a windy London day. My KAVAKCI COUTURE tulle skirt kept flying from the wind. :-)

With Professor Ko, GAMMA President

Here is a short video from my presentation:

You can also watch a short video of our London adventure below 

Lots of Love,

Elif Kavakci for HijabiTopia

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