Thursday, October 31, 2013

Merve Kavakçı welcomes headscarved deputies' attendance in Parliament

Former Deputy Merve Kavakçı (Photo: İHA)
As four headscarved deputies from the ruling Justice and Development Party (AK Party) walked into Parliament on Thursday without facing a protest from opposition parties, Turkey's first headscarved deputy Merve Kavakçı, who was forcefully removed from Parliament in 1999 during her oath-taking ceremony for wearing a headscarf, welcomed the development, deeming it a positive step in the country’s human rights record.
Kavakçı was elected to Parliament from the Virtue Party (FP) in 1999, but was not allowed to serve as a deputy because she wore a headscarf.
Amid angry protests and boos, Kavakçı was forced out of Parliament for wearing a headscarf during her swearing-in ceremony.
Bülent Ecevit, the prime minister at the time, addressed the packed assembly, saying, "This is not the place to challenge the state. Inform this woman of her limits!” while half the chamber stood shouting: "Get out! Get out!" to the seated Kavakçı.
Kavakçı left in tears. She was not only dismissed from Parliament but was also stripped of her citizenship. Moreover, the Constitutional Court considered her wearing a headscarf in Parliament as evidence of a violation of secularism in the closure case of her party in 2001.
However, Parliament showed a pro-freedom stance toward headscarved deputies on Thursday, laying to rest fears of the repetition of the Kavakçı incident.
Kavakçı said no one lost anything with the attendance of the headscarved deputies in Parliament. On the contrary, she said, the society won.
The event marked the end of a long-standing ban on the wearing of headscarves in the chamber and was positively welcomed by the people.
Kavakçı said the development should pave the way for facilitating the removal of an ongoing de facto ban on the headscarf in other institutions such as the judiciary, the army and the police department. She also said that the hard-fought for right must be carefully protected.

Super Hijabi Merve Kavakci rocks the world in KAVAKCI COUTURE! 

Hijabis enter the Turkish Parliament

I remember the following day in 1999 like it was yesterday.  Members of the Turkish Parliament shouting at my sister Merve to "Get out!" all because of her hijab!

Fast-forward to today:

Nurcan Dalbudaki, one of the four members of the Justice and Development Party, enters parliament today wearing hijab.

Today was a historical day in Turkey, indeed!  Four Turkish female members of the parliament attended the general assembly. The headscarf has entered the parliament after years of Merve Kavakci's efforts to fight for the ban to be lifted. If it wasn't for you my dear beloved sister, those women would not be able to sit in their seats. Well done!!!

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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Kate Spade Sale Alert!

We LOVE Kate Spade!  But sometimes it's nice to not have to break the bank to add one of her pieces to your collection.  This is a surprise sale that Kate Spade offers every so often.  Some of the items are up to 75% off!!!  So hurry on over!  You have a little over a day to make your selections fashionistas. 

Click here to enter the sale.  You will be prompted for an email and a zip code.  Once you enter those, you will be granted access.  Happy shopping!

Monday, October 21, 2013

Trend Alert: Leather trim

We are absolutely IN LOVE with the leather accents we see clothing everywhere we look.  From tunics, to dresses, to ponchos, to outerwear, leather trim is taking over!  And in a way we like too!Little hints of leather here and there, take simple clothing pieces, from simple to WOW! 

We love the leather half sleeves on the tunic below.

Kenneth Cole 'Vevette' Faux Leather Trim Top
Next we have the leather accents, in the form of pockets on the following sweater tunic.
Halogen Faux Leather Trim Tunic
 Next we have outerwear, with soft touches of leather that really take what would normally be a plain coat from ordinary to extraordinary.
Michael Kors Wool Blend and Faux Leather Coat

Trouve Mixed Media Military Coat

We also love this leather accented poncho by Ralph Lauren.  It's oh-so-chic!  The leather trim definitely enhances the style factor by making it look better than a big blanket!

Ralph Lauren Reversible Wool Blend Cape
How will you be rocking your leather trim this fall/winter?

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Thursday, October 17, 2013

Converting to Islam: British women on prayer, peace and prejudice

We enjoyed reading this article in the Guardian. The power of Islam is amazing. 

If you are a convert to Islam do you have a story to share? We would love to hear it. Please send us a comment below and you can share our story on our blog!

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Louboutin wins case against use of shoes in Flemish anti-Islam posters

If you have not heard the news about the Louboutin case, it is quite interesting. The fashion world has been talking about it lately. It's nice to know that he won this case, and his name is not related to any anti-Islam campaigns. 

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Thursday, October 10, 2013

Trend Alert: The High-Low

We love this high-low tunic/top/dress trend.  Why?  Because it's oh-so-hijab-friendly of course!  We recently spotted this beauty for the bargain price of $9.80 at Forever 21.  It's available in burgundy, black, and taupe (shown below).  There are so many cute ways you could style this versatile piece.  Over a pair of boot-cut jeans and topped off with your favorite hijab-style.  Or even layer it-up with a denim jacket or cute blazer!  The possibilities are endless!  At $9.80, you can't go wrong!  Click here to order yours today.

How will you style your high-low?