Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Super Hijabi Ibtihaj Muhammad visits Dallas....and takes home GOLD!

Over the weekend we had the pleasure of spending a little bit of time with super hijabi fencer and US Olympic team member, Ibtihaj Muhammad and her also super hijabi younger sister Faiza.  What beautiful muslimahs they were masha'Allah, both inside and out! We're so glad our daughters have them to look up to as role models, alhumdulillah.    

We, of course, took them to our favorite restaurant Noodlewave, where we dined on delicious Thai eats.  Singapore Noodles anyone?  Siracha beef bowl??  YUMMM!!

The next day, we went to watch them compete at the North American Cup at the Dallas Convention Center. It was truly awe inspiring to watch these two skilled hijabi athletes compete in their sport.

Just before the final round, Ibtihaj and Faiza faced off.  The night before we asked them if this ever happens, and they said it was rare, but that on occasion it does happen.  It reminded us of champion tennis sisters, Venus and Serena Williams.  Emotions ran high, but Ibtihaj  triumphed at the end.
Here is the video of Muhammad vs. Muhammad :-) 
Ibtihaj on the right, Faiza on the left fencing against each other.

Ibtihaj let's out a loud scream having taken gold at her first competition of the year. Well Done!!!

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