Monday, December 23, 2013

Hijab-friendly workout wear

I often have hijabis asking me where they can find hijab-friendly workout attire.  While there are workout clothes that are long sleeve and come in beautiful colors, finding something that's long and modest can often be challenging.

I have had really good luck with the website,  It's one of the many sites owned by the Gap parent company.

Here are two of my favorite finds, and both are currently on SALE!!!!  Trust me when I say that both of these tops are super high quality and super modest.

First up, the Spinnaker Sun Jacket.  In addition to the hot pink featured below, it also comes in poseidon blue, white, and asphalt.  Right now, it's marked down from $89 to $34.99.

Next we have the Wick-it Wader cover-up.  I know it may sound strange to wear a cover-up to workout, but trust me when I say, this is one of the best options out there.  Last May, I did the MS 150 bike ride, which is a 150 mile bike ride over two days for charity.  The following top kept me cool and covered for a total of 150 miles on a bicycle in the hot Texas sun!  I love the fabric's moisture wicking capabilities.  Get yours today for the sale price of $54.99.  You will not be disappointed.  Trust me, this top is high quality, tried and tested!  And it also comes in several other amazing colors.

Nazreen Hassan for HijabiTopia


  1. I love your blog

  2. Hello, I would like to find the boutique location since I live in New York City as well. I just learned about it .Thanks

  3. Dear @Naima B which boutique are you referring to? Are you referring to our brand KAVAKCI COUTURE, or the store mentioned in the above post? If you are asking about us we do not have a boutique, we do not mass produce, you can only order our couture hijabs Comfijabs through the email Thanks!

    1. Yes, I am referring to your brand, KAVAKCI COUTURE.Thanks a lot for providing me with how to order your hijabs.