Tuesday, November 12, 2013

The Pursuit of Modesty

The trailer for producer Nushmia Khan's latest project, The Pursuit of Modesty, is out! Elif Kavakci was one of the interviewees and is featured in this trailer. 

The Pursuit of Modesty is the first of a four part series by Zujaja Creative ( called 'DUNYA'. It explores the lives of Muslims in the West and how they interact with and understand the material world around them.

In this first video, the intersection of modesty and the material world is examined. There is a whole conversation within the Muslim community surrounding what exactly it means to be both modest and fashionable. is this a contradiction? Is there such a thing as "too fashionable", and if so, what is it doing to Muslim communities? Where are Muslims drawing the line? What does the future hold for Muslims in Western countries as they attempt to feel both culturally and religiously authentic?

Interviewees in this trailer (in order shown):
Ndaa Hassan (fashion designer), Maryam Basir (model/actress), Elif Kavakci (fashion designer), Ubaidullah Evans (scholar/shaykh), Sadeel Allam (fashion blogger), Afshan Qureshi (teacher), Nadia Pardesi (event manager)

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