Sunday, September 29, 2013

My Inspiration

I recently made a beautiful new friend over the summer, during Ramadan.   We met at the gymnastics gym that both of our daughters attend together.  I think that Allah (swt) put her into my life for so many good reasons.  She is sweet, kind, generous, funny, and has a heart of gold, masha'Allah.

Her name is Ania.  She is a Polish convert who is married to an Egyptian.  She has three adorable children, 2 girls and a boy.  She recently moved here from Pennsylvania, and I am SO lucky that Allah (swt) allowed us to cross paths.

After meeting weekly at gymnastics, we eventually became quite good friends after several play dates.  Our children were very close in age, and they bonded so well together.  Not long after meeting, I became her fashion consultant and personal shopper, a hobby of mine.  Anyone else need a wardrobe makeover??  Hehe!

I'll never forget what she told me after we got to know each other better.  She said, "You know, I would come to gymnastics every week looking forward to seeing your beautiful hijabi style.  It's so modest, yet so chic and fashionable."  Well, that totally made my day!  Thereafter we began talking, and I shared the blog with her, and she was just in awe.  She read every single post.   A few weeks later, I received the following email from her(which she wrote to me and a few of her closest friends):

Salaam girls,

    I am about to change something in my life. Is it a new style, bike or scooter? NO;). Since Ramadan started, I have been reading and watching materials about hijab, and thinking about it a lot. I want to start wearing hijab. I don't know how long it will take me ; a day, week, month or year.  

     During my research and thoughts about hijab Allah sent me a wonderful Muslim woman - Nazreen. 
She is very modern lady and wears her Hijab with style. The way she carries herself as Muslim woman is a genuine blessing from Allah. I am so happy and thankful to Allah that I met her. 
Why? I am so happy when I am around good Muslims. Meeting with them makes me happy and fulfills my heart with strangth and warmth. I would like that my look will show nice, clean and beautiful example of Islam. I want to be Modern Hijab Woman. I have started reading different blogs, watching YouTube  videos etc. One day Nazreen told me about her blog. She manages it with her two friends.   I GOT INSPIRED!!!  I wish I could be a commercial for Islam.
  I think Allah would like us ( people) to look respected and beautiful. Don't get me wrong, not beautiful like Barbie but I mean natural beauty within us. 
I am in process of changing my wardrobe. It is not hard for me because last part five years I was busy with pregnancies, breastfeeding and loosing weight. I did not pay attention to fashion at all. But now I will.
 My new style probably will be a comfortable style for mom of 3 active kids. Step by step I am going into the right direction. Inshaallah.
    Why am I writing this to you all? I need your support, encouragement, good word and any ideas.
 If any of you knows websites etc. that I should visit with pictures, please let me know. It will help me a lot and will be appreciated.
  Below I'm attaching a link for Nazreen's blog if you would like to see. Maybe it will inspire you too.

Eid Mubarak
     Ania Morssi

I was beyond flattered (to say the least) to receive this email from her.  In all honesty, Ania is my inspiration.  She is the one that inspires me to keep doing what I'm doing.  If there is anything good that she saw in me, then that is purely from Allah, and from Him concealing all my faults.

Thank you Ania.  You inspire me to be a better muslimah :).

Nazreen Hassan for HijabiTopia


  1. Nazreen, I am so happy that you posted this message from Ania. Especially that I am polish as well (living in UK) and I am on the same pathway as Ania :) I converted to Islam few years ago, but still did not observe hijab :( In my heart I know that this is something I would like to do and I pray that one day it will happen and I will make that decision. For now I follow many hijabi blogs and youtube profiles and admire many beautiful hijabi girls and I love how they combine modesty and fashion. Thank you for sharing with us your thoughts and ideas! Greetings to you and Ania, from the bottom of my hearth! Salam Alaykum

  2. I just would like to say Salam Alaykum to new Muslim Polish reader from the bottom of my heart. <3