Wednesday, August 28, 2013

We're BACK!!!

Assalamu Alaikum everyone,

It's been a long break away from the blog, but alhamdulillah we are back and we will try to get back to  posting regularly.

How was everyone's summer? Hope all of you had a great, relaxing summer. Mine was pretty busy, full of traveling, work, moving, and spending time with the family. The kids just started back at school, and so have I. I will be continuing my masters in fashion studies. I'm looking forward to another exciting year, and lots of intellectual stimulation.

Several of you have requested that I share more of my work on Fashion Theory on the blog. I actually drafted some posts, but never posted them, because I realized I should probably try to publish them before I spread it all over the internet :-). So if anything gets published, I will definitely share the news with you.

Within the last few months we have had so much going on. I've been working on some cool designs and new projects and collaborations. Inshallah as things move along, I will definitely be sure to share the information with my HijabiTopians :-)

I can't express how much I have missed writing and blogging. Although I am pretty active on facebook, twitter and instagram, I do miss the longer posts. Not much can fit in to 140 characters, right?

In the mean while, I would also like to make another announcement. We now have an opening for an intern. If you enjoy writing, and are passionate about hijab and fashion, we would love to hear from you. Students are encouraged to apply. Just shoot us an email at and title it "Internship". Or you can also reply below.

Looking forward to another great year with all of you. Let the good times roll...

Lots of love,

Elif Kavakci for HijabiTopia

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