Saturday, May 4, 2013

Recent article in the Huffington Post: The Dubai's Camel Hump

Huffington Post Religion Section,
Photo Credits: WSJLive
We recently ran in to this article and video on the internet about Dubai hair trends. I am not sure if these girls identify themselves as hijabis since half of their head is showing, and their arms are showing. We have seen the usual middle eastern, or emirati style of Muslim women wearing their hijab whilst showing the front part of their hair willingly, and can not figure out why this is happening? What's even more interesting is the style is referred to as "the camel hump" when clearly it is stated in a well known hadith that this is a sign of the day of judgment, that women will be "dressed naked" and they will wear "camel humps". 

We often hear about girls who wear hijab and use it as a way to make a statement, and I'm curious to find out, if any of these women consider themselves hijabis. Where do we draw the line?! I understand the shoes and the purses, and some of the make up, but they are doing damage to the rest of us who identify ourselves as hijabis. If I'm not mistaken abayahs, and Islamic code of dress is not obligatory or forced in the Emirates, but it's more traditionally and culturally accepted for women to wear abayahs. Please let me know if I'm mistaken. I would love to hear comments from those of our readers from that part of the world.

I'm absolutely disheartened!

Please click below to read the article and watch the video.

Elif Kavakci for HijabiTopia

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