Thursday, May 23, 2013

First Lady Style

The Turkish first family was visiting the White House last week. They were guests of President and Mrs. Obama, and stayed at the Blair House. Mrs. Emine Erdogan, was elegant, and chic as always. We also liked Mrs. Obama's conservative minimalist look. Here are some photographs from their meeting at the White House.

On the left seated are Mrs. Erdogan's daughters Esra (in off white), and Sumeyye Erdogan (in orange). Sumeyye and Esra both completed their education in the U.S. Following their DC trip, the family attended Esra's PhD graduation ceremony at UC Berkley. She completed her PhD while married with kids and living in Istanbul. Sumeyye  has a Masters from London College of Economics, and has been actively working with her father as a consultant. This is what I call, excellent representation of hijabis.

Thank you Erdogan family!


  1. Beautiful, elegant and inteligent females! Mashallah!

  2. Thanks for posting these photos. I didn't know the background about Erdogan's daughters so that was really nice to discover.

  3. Thank you for the comments. Yes both of their daughters were educated in the US due to the headscarf ban in Turkey. I believe they both majored in sociology in Indiana, and then Sumeyye went on to do her Masters in England, and Esra commuted back and forth from Istanbul to complete her PhD.

    They are super hijabis!