Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Jelly Savvy

Remember this post we did on jelly shoes by Melissa Shoes?  We loved many of Melissa's shoes, but thought they were a bit on the pricey side, considering they're made from well, plastic!

Well, we have great news for all you savvy fashionistas!  Melissa Shoes has a line out called 'Mel' that is sold exclusively at Forever21.  Now, we know that some of you are thinking that since they're sold at Forever21 they are probably cheaply made and will give you huge blisters all over you feet, etc.  But fear not my fashion-savvy friends!  These jelly shoes at Forever21 are surprisingly comfortable, and MUCH nicer in terms of quality than similar jelly shoes we've seen at Nordstrom and Steve Madden stores.

We recently purchased these for $19.80:

Trust me when I say these are not lacking in quality.  They are actually made in Brazil, and NOT China, a big plus if you ask me.  And they have padded soles, which are very rare to find in a jelly shoe.

Another cute option is the jelly flat, pictured below for only $22.50.

They have several other options as well.  Check them out here.

Monday, May 27, 2013

My Hijab Story

Since this is my last guest post on HijabiTopia, I thought I'd share a personal story, my hijab story. I hope this helps or inspires some of you who are looking in to wearing hijab.

My love for hijab began at a very young age. Growing I would watch my mother put on the scarf and I thought she looked so beautiful with it. Ever since then I could not wait for the day I would begin my hijab journey.

Before I officially started to wear hijab, I would have "practice" days. I would wear my hijab to mosques or muslim gatherings, and get many compliments from other parents. My friends also influenced my decision. Elhamdulilah, Allah gave me many good friends who have encouraged me and even went through this journey with me. Having good and supportive friends really affects your decisions and behavior, which is why it is so important to choose good friends.

The summer before eight grade I officially decided to wear hijab. It wasn't hard because I spent that summer in Turkey, where there are many hijabis. The hard and scary part was wearing it to school. I went to a public school, and I knew I was going to be the only hijabi. On the first day of school I wore a blue tunic with a matching belt and scarf with jeans and flats. I had put a lot of thought into what I was going to wear because this was a new beginning and I wanted to make an impression. When I arrived at school, I was praying the whole time for nothing to go wrong. As I entered the building, my classmates had multiple reactions. Some people ignored me others just stared. I didn't get many questions on the first day, many interesting questions came later on.

For those of you wanting to wear hijab but just can't find the guts to do it, my advice is to begin by just practicing. Wear your hijab to places you feel comfortable. After you get use to it, it will be a lot easier inshAllah. Don't think too much about what people will think or say, think about the reward in the hereafter. 

May Allah help all of you who are beginning to wear hijab and give you confidence and self assurance. Leave a comment below if you have any question, and I will try my best to respond inshAllah!

Stay Modest, Stay Stylish!

Gusta Iren for HijabiTopia

Gusta Iren is a Turkish American high school junior. She enjoys reading, writing, photography, art and of course fashion! She enjoys sharing her passion for fashion on HijabiTopia.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

First Lady Style

The Turkish first family was visiting the White House last week. They were guests of President and Mrs. Obama, and stayed at the Blair House. Mrs. Emine Erdogan, was elegant, and chic as always. We also liked Mrs. Obama's conservative minimalist look. Here are some photographs from their meeting at the White House.

On the left seated are Mrs. Erdogan's daughters Esra (in off white), and Sumeyye Erdogan (in orange). Sumeyye and Esra both completed their education in the U.S. Following their DC trip, the family attended Esra's PhD graduation ceremony at UC Berkley. She completed her PhD while married with kids and living in Istanbul. Sumeyye  has a Masters from London College of Economics, and has been actively working with her father as a consultant. This is what I call, excellent representation of hijabis.

Thank you Erdogan family!

Monday, May 20, 2013

Traveling in Style (Summer Edition)

With summer just around the corner, many of you are probably going to be traveling. Here are a few fashion essentials for travel in style this summer!

Large Tote

This is an essential for any passenger. With a large bag you can fit many things, which can help you minimize the amount of small bags you need to bring.


Even though you are traveling during the summer, the plane still gets chilly. A scarf can keep you warm and double as a pillow. Since it is warmer, opt for a scarf made with thinner material.


In my opinion flats are the most comfortable shoes to wear during travel. Not only are they comfortable, but also they can easily be removed during security checkpoints. Make sure you wear socks, especially socks made for flats, so when you need to take your shoes off you don’t have to be barefoot at the airport.


Sunglasses are an ESSENTIAL during summer travel. Not only do they block out the sun, but also you can wear them to cover up under eye circles and tiredness.

Summer Tunic
Tunics are the best travel outfit because they are modest, light, and easy to style. They are also generally made of lighter material, so you don’t get hot. Zara has a wide variety of options to choose from.

What are your travel essentials? Leave a comment below!

Stay Modest, Stay Stylish!

Gusta Iren for HijabiTopia