Monday, April 15, 2013

What's In My Purse?

You can usually tell a woman's life and personality, just by looking into their purse. It's filled with everything they "need". Here is a look into my purse, for inspiration to you all who are looking for ideas on what to carry.
I tend to carry a smaller crossbody, as my everyday purse, but if I am traveling or need a lot of space I carry a bigger one. These are the things I would carry in a smaller purse.

Keys with wallet

I find that small wallets with key chains are the most functional when it comes to small purses. It's a two in one!


Most Phones have functions other than calling or texting. You can use it as a mirror, a compass if you need to find the khibla to pray out in public, as a camera, etc. 

Hand Sanitizer, Tissues, and Wet Wipes 

You never know when you need to clean your hands or blow your nose, but there isn't an accesible bathroom.

Travel Size Prayer Rug

There have been so many times where I have been out with my friends, and prayer time is almost over! If we are out shopping, then we usually go to a fitting room- Macy's and Nordstrom has the best- and pray on our travel size prayer rugs.

Snack and Gum
If you are ever out, and need a quick pick me up, granola bars are the best.

Chapstick and Lotion
If you get chapped lips or dry hands, then these are a must for you. 

Sunglasses can not only be used to protect your eyes from the sun, but also to hide dark under eye circles, if you suffer from them.

I know that this might seem a little odd, but I usually carry socks with me. I like to have them in case I need to try on a pair of shoes in a store, or my feet get cold!

This is what I usually carry around with me. 

Somethings do change once in a while, depending on the purse size and my situation.

Leave a comment below on what you keep in your purse. I would love to get new ideas!

Stay Modest, Stay Stylish!

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  1. elif hanım ben tırnak makası ,çok amaçlı çakı,ayna,diş fırçası ve macunu,iğne iplik seti,çakmak(sigara kullanmıyorum) ve dışarda yemek yerken çantamı koyacak yer bulamam diye çanta askısı taşıyorum. SEVGİLER...

  2. Thank you for the inspiring post. I would never leave home without a pen/pencil& a peace of paper or mini notebook. I know the new mobiles work for notes though.. I think i am little old school.

  3. *it changes with each day what I put in my purse... but always the items are Don't think I would go many places out without one!