Monday, April 1, 2013

Designer Dupe: Valentino Flats

One of the best feelings in the world, is paying less money for what you want. I hate the feeling you get when you spot the perfect dress, shoes, purse, etc., but you know the price is enough to feed the starving children in Africa. This is why I love the concept of dupes so much. You pretty much get the same out come, with a smaller price tag. It's a win win situation! Remember our post on pointed shoes where we featured these Valentino flats? Well I came across a dupe at Forever 21 for a more reasonable price.

Studded Faux LeatherFlats (available at Forever 21)

These Valentino flats retail for $595.00, but the dupe at Forever 21 is only $24.80! You save $570.20, which is amazing! Both of these flats come in various shades of colors. 

What are your thoughts of Designer Dupes? Have you found any good ones? Leave a comment below!

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  1. Wow those shoes looks very similar! this would such a great buy! :o <3