Friday, March 8, 2013


Elif Kavakci was recently interviewed by Nesf El Donia, the Egyptian women magazine, the leading women publication in the Arab world. 

The interview is in Arabic, but as a summary, Elif Kavakci talks about the hijab ban in Turkey, her migration to the United States due to the ban, and how this inspired and empowered her to become a hijab wear designer. She explains the hardships and rewards of being a fashion designer, and a mother trying to raise Muslim kids in the U.S. When asked what she owes her success to, she answers "to Allah". She explains that her one and only goal has been to serve Muslim women by providing quality made,functional, chic Islamic clothes to make them feel proud of their identity as hijabis. 

The magazine's February 15th issue also features Turkish Prime Minister's wife, First Lady Emine Erdogan. 

To flip through the pages of the magazine on PDF please click the below link and turn to page 24.

To read the full article (text only)in arabic please click below:

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