Thursday, February 14, 2013

The Art of Layering

 Some people have that talent of being able to coordinate different clothing pieces with different cuts. If you don't know, however, then there's no need to worry because practice makes perfect.

The concept of layering helps make use of what may sometimes seem very dull wardrobe pieces. Separately, the pieces may not look very appealing but combined, these pieces extenuate each other's hidden bold features

Layering can be mixing prints, colors, textures and design or playing with different materials. Layering can even be playing with different cuts to extenuate one piece and maybe not so much another. Fashion is about putting your own touch to whatever outfit your put together so no matter how many principles we go over today, always make sure to allow your experiment and mix&match.

There are a few principles that if you master and truly comprehend, layering will become second nature to you.

#1 Make sure not to walk out of the house looking like something that fell off a graffiti wall

Meaning: layer your clothes in a way where its not too busy. Busy textured blouses go with solid colored scarves and vice versa. So you know those flower print pants? Make sure to never have more flowers on your blouse because then, you'll like my mom's flowerbed in the backyard. 

#2 Experiment with materials
Meaning: Chiffon blouses are super soft and can be layered with almost anything. Not only that, but with chiffon, you can go up to 3 layers without looking like a mobile wardrobe. 

#3 Mix and match soft and harsh

Meaning: Be bold and match your soft chiffon blouse with a harsh black leather jacket with spiked shoulders and some bold arm candy. The contrast in this look is usually a definite statement and reflects your awesome ability of layer

#4 Take it easy on the bling and neck draperies 

Meaning: I get that having collar necklaces and 5 other necklaces on is kinda in this season but when I look at a girl with that much going on in the chest area, I feel like its weighing her down. 

Ndaa Hassan for Hijabitopia

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