Friday, February 8, 2013


Ever try a product and want to tell the whole world about it because you love it so much?  Well, that's how I've been feeling for the past week.  I just want to go to the rooftops and shout to the world about my latest obsession:  VitaZing

What is VitaZing and why is it so special you ask?  Well, simply put, it's an energy-boosting moisturizer.  But when you use it, it transforms your face and gives it a radiant glow without looking like you have any makeup caked on.  It's sort of like a tinted moisturizer, but instead of leaving your face feeling heavy, it makes you feel light and fresh.   It does have a little bit of a tint which really adjusts to your own individual skin tone.  Also, Origins products are natural and plant-based, so you really get the added benefit of not polluting your face with harsh chemicals.  It is pricey, at $35 a bottle, but I promise that you will not be disappointed.  Click here to purchase online.  But I suggest you visit the Origins store.  They are super-friendly and will give you a free mini facial and free samples of just about anything.  So why not go there and get a free sample of this first?!

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