Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Stephane Rolland Haute Couture 2013

As the models walked down the catwalk, it was as if I could feel the light breeze that accompanied the gracefulness of each dress. I mean, how could you possibly not love this collection when ever piece is seemingly even more beautiful than the one before. It reminded me of how amazing it is to be a woman. This is one show my jaw was kept open throughout the entire collection because of how stunning each and every single piece was. Haute Couture was definitely over the top gorgeous. 

Stephan Rolland put together a wide array of rich hour glass gowns that are white, silky and smooth. The sheer backs, ruffle embellishments, and flowy silk drapes added a touch of feminineness and overwhelming aurora of sensuality. 

White on white is one fashion combination that will never grow old.

I feel like this is where I should stop talking about the show and show pictures instead because no matter how much I talk, no words can explain the beauty of these runway pieces. 

INTERESTING FACT: Stephane Rolland baked chiffon bubbles (in the furnace)
 to add that exotic look to his dresses (PLEASE DO NOT ATTEMPT TO BAKE FABRIC IN THE OVEN AT HOME! :)

Stephane Rolland does it again.

(not sure how comfortable those shoes really are though)

Ndaa Hassan for Hijabitopia


Disclaimer [ I do not take credit for these photos ]

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