Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Fashion and Islam | A topic debated over and over again

How do fashion and Islam come together? Its a question that crosses many minds.

So you're designing fashionable clothes? Wait, but isn't the point of modesty to conceal beauty? If you wear colors over just solid black, aren't you going to attract attention? So doesn't that defeat the purpose of modesty?

If you're in the fashion business or designing and you get questions like this or you yourself think this to yourself at times, then you're on the right track. This is because as a fashionable Muslim woman, you want to make sure that your intentions are always set straight and you questioning yourself is always a sign of either improvement or staying on track without diverting onto the wrong path.

This is a topic that has also been mind boggling for myself for quite some time and after weeks of serenading over the topic and doing a little bit of research, I came to a few conclusions.

Islam is about beauty and we all know that god loves beauty. The prophet's favorite color was green. I believe that it is of special importance to the Muslim women population to be able to garment themselves with modest and FASHIONABLE but also concealing clothing.

Picture this scenario: Two veiled muslim women walking into a cafe. The first of those wearing a long cream knee length sheer shirt paired with a black blazer with detailed work on the collar and wrist along with a pair of jeans and finished with a beautiful emerald green scarf to cover her hair. The other muslim woman walks in with a very baggy sweater and long to cover her behind and thighs layered with a raggy long white undershirt and pleated sweats. Not to forget the black scarf which is, btw, a necessity in every Hijabi's closet. Which one do you think is more likely to be approached to be asked questions about Islam?

I vote the emerald green scarf Muslimah.

Not because of her shiny scarf but merely because she is well put together. Professional, well dressed, and in a presentable manner. It's just like getting dressed to go to an interview. The only thing about being a hijabi Muslim woman in the streets of the US is that you are ALWAYS at risk of being questioned/interviewed by others. Not in a creepy, interrogative way but instead by folks who are interested in knowing more about this religion. People who see mere stereotypes on the media and end up resenting the religion but then saw you: The well put together, professional, kind and yes, fashionable, woman. Of course they're going to ask questions and right THERE is our opportunity for dawah.

Therefore, if im not mistaken, modest muslim woman + intelligent woman + fashionable clothes(non-revealing and modestly lose) = DAWAH!

In conclusion, I believe that YES, as a Muslim woman living in the 21st century and in the US, it is necessary to dress in a way that will please allah as well as be inviting for others to ask about my religion, my mind and my goals.

My Hijab is my way of Dawah.

"We are not here to be accepted. We are here to be respected." - Dr. Tariq Ramadan

-The girl in the emerald scarf ;)

Ndaa Hassan for Hijabitopia


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  2. I totally agree with you !!! We should not follow blindly fashion but wisely choose the way to use fashion trends in a modest way. I look with admire to muslim girls and women who present themselves in a beautiful way and I think hijab adds more value to their fashionable but modest clothing. Your post reminds me of a one sister's video on youtube, where she is describing hijab as a statement of Islam and that muslim women wearing hijab and behaving according to islamic rules can be like an invite for non-muslims to come and learn about Islam. Woman who is wearing nice and clean clothes, who has friendly and opened approach to others is showing other non-muslim people that Islam is beautiful and happy way of life and that muslim women are not oppressed and unhappy. Thank you for this valuable post! :)
    The link to mentioned video:


  3. This topic is so wonderful, and we will go in to more detail inshallah with other posts! Thanks for your comment!!!