Wednesday, December 5, 2012

5 Essential Winter Must Haves In Your Purse

Yes, there are some crazy things going on with the weather this year. I observed a drop from 70 degrees to mid 30s the very next day in the greater Chicago area. So how do I keep warm with hydrated skin?

Other than the obvious coat, boots, and leg warmers, there are a few thing I believe must always be in your purse and that I personally always have in my purse.

  • Pashmina Scarf: I always have a pashmina of some sort in my purse to wrap around my neck (in addition to my hijab) when it gets a little extra chilly. Because I do a lot of walking, it tends to get a little warm after a bit so having an extra scarf in my purse allows me to take control of my body temperature. Also, a bright pashmina is a good way to add a little color to your winter outfit. 
  • Gloves: Personally, I enjoy a unique pair of gloves. Leather gloves will go with any outfit and are very elegant. A little fur trim won't do you wrong either :) If you're carrying a few bags around in the city, having a pair of gloves in your purse would not be such a bad idea.
  • Hand lotion: Ladies, keep that skin soft and silky smooth. The cold will push your skin to scream for hydration. Over the years, I've tried a bunch of moisturizers and I've been with Nivea Soft for quite some time now. They even have a small cute size to fit in your purse :) how convenient!
  • Lip Balm: Now don't go caring for your skin and forgetting your lips. Dried dehydrated lips means you biting on them because the peeling bothers you and this means a pair of bleeding lips. Keeping lip balm on at ALL times is a good way to keep your lips hydrated. Cute packaging is a plus for EOS Lip Balm
  • Vaseline Lip Therapy: If your lips start cracking, then pull out your Vaseline lip therapy for instant relief.
Those up north, stay warm and those down south, enjoy the 60 degree weather...siggghhhhh

Ndaa Hassan for Hijabitopia

"Fashion Show Coordinator, fashion blogger, and designer/owner of Écharpe à la Mode line, Ndaa Hassan is an Egyptian American fashion fanatic with a passion for art, design, fashion, decor, sushi, chocolate and other random things. She aspires to bring the beauty of modest wear to light along with inspiring the youth to follow their dreams to becoming whatever their hearts may desire. whether thats a fashion designer, lawyer, doctor, teacher or an amazing mother."

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