Thursday, November 1, 2012

The Life of An Artist...

The life of a designer. Very not easy but very fun and interesting.

So how do we do it?

I've received multiple emails from young ladies asking me "How do I get my name out there? How did you do it? And how did you get the courage to start your line?"

I believe that the number one most important characteristic you must exhibit is: Believing in what you do! In this profession, the only real motivator is yourself. No one will truly inspire you to do great things more than yourself. Its good to have a mentor to get you on track every once in a while or every time you feel down. But in the end, it's all about what YOU tell yourself.

You must be able to ask yourself:

  1. What am I capable of doing?
  2. How am I different than everyone else in this same profession?
  3. How do I maintain this differentiation?
The thought that should be in the back of your head at all times: I am my own self's motivator! 

I understand its hard at times and intimidating because you can't predict how your customers/audience will respond to your thoughts/designs/posts but how much control do you really have and more importantly, how much control do you REALLY want to have?

The best way to work about it is to just let things take their own path and train yourself to work around all the road bumps. Train yourself to accept failure and to get back on your feet when brought to your knees.  It's a mental thought process that MUST be configured and practiced because you need it when trying to break through in this profession.

Always remember though: Motivation comes within and will reflect off of you to your audience.

Ndaa Hassan for Hijabitopia

"Fashion Show Coordinator, fashion blogger, and designer/owner of Écharpe à la Mode line, Ndaa Hassan is an Egyptian American fashion fanatic with a passion for art, design, fashion, decor, sushi, chocolate and other random things. She aspires to bring the beauty of modest wear to light along with inspiring the youth to follow their dreams to becoming whatever their hearts may desire. whether thats a fashion designer, lawyer, doctor, teacher or an amazing mother."

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