Thursday, October 18, 2012

Matching Clothes 101...

So you're having a hard time matching clothes? Sometimes dressing and undressing a gazillion times because you can't see color combinations? It can get frustrating. I understand. Because it's like no matter how long you just sit there and stare at your clothes, your colors always look completely random. So what do you typically do? Head over to your black clothes department because you're scared of putting on something too bold.

Well here are some basic tips to matching colors and giving you a cohesive structure to your outfit. So here's to Matching Clothes 101!!

Let me introduce to you your best friend for the next few weeks. Very colorful, bright and pretty much your answer to all your mismatching dilemmas: THE COLOR WHEEL!!

The color wheel is not only for painters and artists, its for your fashion wardrobe as well. Painters and artists have used the color wheel since forever to help them pick colors for their artwork and since styling is a work of art, the color wheel is perfect to help you match outfits.

Here's what the color wheel looks like:

So what this color wheel looks like it just a bunch of colors next to each other. Right?!!? Welllllll, not so much. Let me list a few tips on how to use this color wheel and in these tips, you'll find some of the best color combinations you could possibly ask for. They're the exact same color combination you see on the runway, on celebrities and models.

Combination TIP #1: Red, blue, yellow are Primary colors. Primary colors are pretty basic and are perfect to mix and match together.

Combination TIP #2: Those colors that are directly next to each other combine very well to give a very peaceful and harmonic display.

Combination TIP #3: Those colors that form a 90 degree angle with each other are also excellent combinations. These colors are perfect combinations for picnic outings, summer days on a boat or a day at the lake.

Combination TIP #4: Opposite from each other colors are your bold and bright combinations. Pick one color and then trace your way to its opposite on the other side of the wheel. They scream "WOW" when you slip them on so you have to be very careful where you wear these combinations. Some of the combinations have some sort of cultural reference to them such as Christmas red and green.

Combination TIP #5: This tip will help you pick accessory colors because there are 3 colors involved in this routine. Its the T-Shaped routine. Locate two colors that are opposites (using the method in TIP #4) and then locate the color directly in between those two colors. Two of those colors can be used for your outfit colors and the third for your accessories.

 A helpful hint to making this work for you: print off the color wheel on a full size sheet of paper and hang it next to your closet or on the inside of your closet so that you can have something to look off of when picking an outfit.

Hope this makes life easier on you ladies

Ndaa Hassan for Hijabitopia

"Fashion Show Coordinator, fashion blogger, and designer/owner of Écharpe à la Mode line, Ndaa Hassan is an Egyptian American fashion fanatic with a passion for art, design, fashion, decor, sushi, chocolate and other random things. She aspires to bring the beauty of modest wear to light along with inspiring the youth to follow their dreams to becoming whatever their hearts may desire. whether thats a fashion designer, lawyer, doctor, teacher or an amazing mother."

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