Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Creativity Put A Hole Through My Wallet

Having an eye for creativity comes at an expense!! 


Because every time you walk into a fabric store, you have to force yourself to not touch any fabrics because the minute you feel the piece of fabric, a never ending stream of thought overcomes you on all the different projects you can do with that piece of fabric. At the end of your fabric store tour, you find yourself buying 3 times as much stuff you originally came in for. 

So its safe to say that my creativity is sometimes my ultimate bank account emptier. From italian silk to beautiful chiffon and detailed lace, fabric can get a little pricey. If you are targeting normal, everyday fabric, you can find it at a very affordable price at certain retailers but once you step up your game to quality fabrics that simply take your breath away once you lay your eyes on them, then you're talking about double and triple digits. 

In the end, it all depends on your customer base and what you're in search of. If you're like me and can't control your creative stream of thought, make sure to ask around for quality and affordable fabrics. They're not always in the fancy looking stores. If you ask the right people, you'll find that some of the greatest quality fabrics are in the smallest and weirdest looking buildings ever.

Shop smart ladies...

Ndaa Hassan for Hijabitopia

"Fashion Show Coordinator, fashion blogger, and designer/owner of Écharpe à la Mode line, Ndaa Hassan is an Egyptian American fashion fanatic with a passion for art, design, fashion, decor, sushi, chocolate and other random things. She aspires to bring the beauty of modest wear to light along with inspiring the youth to follow their dreams to becoming whatever their hearts may desire. whether thats a fashion designer, lawyer, doctor, teacher or an amazing mother."

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