Friday, September 28, 2012


As Muslim women we have a hard time finding exercise apparel. Unfortunately, it seems like nothing is long or loose enough! This causes us to get discouraged about working out. Even though it may be hard to find modest active wear, it doesn’t means it’s impossible!

Long Jackets and Cardigans are an essential. When it’s cold outside you can wear a jacket, and when it’s hot outside you can wear a cardigan. They are great for layering. Here are a few LONG options:

 Hard Tail Hooded Wrap Cardigan (available @ Nordstrom)

The North Face Women's Hideaway Sweater Wrap (available @ Dick’s Sporting Goods)

The North Face 'Apex Grace Bionic' Jacket (available @ Nordstrom)


For the colder days, pair your jacket with Under Armour. This particular one is made to keep you warm.

Under Armour Women's ColdGear Compression Mockneck Long Sleeve Shirt (available @ Dick’s Sporting Goods)

For the warmer days, layer a t-shirt with a long sleeve shirt under. The Under Armour long sleeve shirt is especially made to keep you cool, during the warm days.

Under Armour Women's Sonic Long Sleeve Shirt (available @ Dick’s Sporting Goods)

Under Armour Women's Big Logo Graphic T-Shirt (available @ Dick’s Sporting Goods)

Finding loose sweatpants can be especially hard considering the fact that everything is form fitting. The sweatpants below are great because they are loose and lightweight, perfect for hot days. You can even wear them in the winter with a pair of leggings underneath, to keep you warm.

Hard Tail Voile Pants (available @ Nordstrom)

To complete your outfit, wear a pair of colorful tennis shoes! This adds a pop of color to brighten up your outfit!
Nike 'Free Run+ 3' Running Shoe (Women) (available @ Nordstrom)

When it comes to hijab, Comfijabs are a great option! Pair them with accessories depending on the weather.

During the cold days, pair your Comfijab with a beanie that will keep you warm. 
The North Face 'Denali' Thermal Beanie (available @ Nordstrom)

During the warm and sunny days, pair your Comfijab with a cap. This helps block the sun from your eyes.
Nike 'Feather Light' Cap (available @ Nordstrom)

If you don't have a Comfijab, opt for a hijab made of cotton. Cotton is light, easy to wear, and keeps you cooler than most other materials.

These are just a few options out of the many. Exercising modestly is possible with the right apparel. Make sure to drink lots of water. Good luck!

Gusta Iren for HijabiTopia

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Savvy maxi-nista!

Dear savvy HijabiTopians,

This post is for you!  Don't you just love it when you find hijabi-friendly fashions at not-so-high-end stores?  Well we definitely do!  While we still like to splurge every now and then on a designer item, we LOVE finding that one bargain item that we can dress up and turn into a million bucks.  After all, it's all in the styling and of course, the way you carry yourself, right?

We saw this maxi dress online at and thought YIPPPEEEE!

We checked out the reviews, and most people seem to really LOVE this dress.  It's no surprise to us that showing less is more!  Anyway, there are ENDLESS possibilities with this dress.  You can add sleeves and your favorite hijab style.  Or you can throw on a blazer, a funky necklace, and your favorite pumps and dress it up for work.   What do y'all think?

Saturday, September 22, 2012

FIGURE Yourself Out!

Have you ever tried on an outfit that doesn’t look good on you, but when your friend tries it on, it looks really flattering on her? Each outfit looks completely different on each body shape. Knowing your body type is an essential part of styling. If you understand your shape, you can completely rock an outfit! There are four types of figures: Banana, Apple, Pear, and Hourglass.
This is the most common body shape among women. If you are a Banana shape, you will generally have a straight figure, with a few curves, and no defined waist. You usually gain weight around your waist first. When dressing, you have the most options! You can pull of almost anything, which is why models are generally a Bananashape. Feel free to mix colors, patterns, and prints all over.

Helmut Lang Drape Front Cardigan (available @ Nordstrom)
Notice how this cardigan has an asymmetrical look to it, which looks especially well on Banana shaped women. Since Banana shaped women have a straight figure, they can pull of relaxed cardigans, like this one.

If you are an Apple shape, you tend to be heavier on your top half than your bottom half. You carry weight in your midsection, arms, and bust. You will generally gain weight around the stomach area. Since you are heavier on the top, try wearing solid colors at the top and wearing colors and prints at the bottom, which will even out your figure.

                Caslon® Knit Tunic (available @ Nordstrom)
This tunic would really flatter an Apple shape, because it’s a solid color. Pairing this with a patterned hijab and colorful jeans would make it a perfect outfit!
If you are Pear shaped, your shoulders will usually be narrower that your hips and lower body. Your bottom half will appear curvier than the top half of your body. When shopping, look for clothes that will flatter your top half. Save the bold prints and patterns for your top half. Stick to solid, dark colors for your bottom half, this way you can even out your figure.
Halogen® Single Button Cardigan (available @ Nordstrom)

This cardigan would look great on a Pear shape. Since this cardigan has a cocoon silhouette and a loose fit, it evens out your bottom and top half.

If you are an hourglass, your hips and shoulders will be balanced on in line with each other. You tend to have a narrow waist in comparison to your bust and hips. When you gain weight it is usually distributed all over the body. Since your body is naturally proportioned, the key is to even out your outfit proportionally. Belts, especially wide ones,  are your best friends.
Elizabeth and James Wrap Front Hooded Sweater (available @ Nordstrom)

This sweater would work great on an hourglass figure. It has a belt around the waist wich is a perfect detail for an hourglass body shape. The belt evens out the top and bottom proportions.
Hijab doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to wear clothes that are a couple of sizes bigger than your actual size. It’s possible to be modest and stylish. As long as you don’t wear clothes that are tight and full fill the Islamic requirements, then it is okay to wear anything you want!

Gusta Iren for Hijabitopia

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Angelina in a caftan!

Angelina Jolie, representing a special envoy to the UN, recently visited Turkey to discuss the crisis in Syria with Turkish officials.  Notice her conservative caftan style.  Less is totally MORE, don't you agree?  We feel that this covered look totally brings out her natural beauty.

Sunday, September 16, 2012


Remember this post we did on Hijab-friendly options at the Gap??  Well we have great news for all you bargain hunters out there!  We recently visited our local Gap store and found this gorgeous hijabi-friendly tunic dress on SALE!!!  At our local store, this beautiful piece was marked to $34.99 minus an additional 30%, totaling $24.49 before sales tax.  The price is not the same online at  So head to your local store today, get yours today, and be COVERED in style!  You will not regret it!  This tunic dress is great quality and FABULOUS in so many ways!  (*insert happy sale dance here*)

Friday, September 14, 2012

Kate Middleton as a HIJABI PRINCESS!!!!!

We were amazed to wake up this morning to the Duchess of Cambridge all decked out in hijab! Prince William and Kate are currently visiting South-East Asia on behalf of the Queen to mark her Diamond Jubilee.

Below, the Royal couple tours Assyakirin Mosque in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.  Out of respect, even the Royals remove their shoes. 

Notice the striking resemblance of Kate to her late mother in-law Princess Diana.  Both of them have such effortless chic style.  Wouldn't you agree?

We love Kate's fresh, clean look.  Notice how she doesn't have loads and loads of makeup on.  Understated elegance at it's peak, that's for sure!  Kate, we LOVE this look on you! 

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Marc Jacobs Spring 2013

It's that time of the year. New York Fashion Week is about to come to an end. As always we wanted to start out by one of our favorite designers Marc Jacobs.


Marc, listen, every season we make this claim, we see something from our style on your runway. This time our hijabitopians striped look hit Marc's collection. Hmmmmmmm :-)

Our hijabitopians Nour and Boosa were already wearing this trend at our Eid luncheon. Ha! We win again Marc. :-)

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

So in LOVE!

I recently went shopping and came across this gorgeous bracelet.  Check it out y'all!

Where do you ask did I find this beautiful piece?  Forever 21, ofcourse.  And, for a whopping $8.80 you can have one too!  Hurry hurry before they're all gone!  Hehe!  I tried to find this online, but alas, I had no luck.  So head to your local store now and get yours asap!

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Our Annual Eid Luncheon

This post is a bit late.  But better late than never, right? 

We recently celebrated Eid together with our fellow hijabitopians. We all met at our FAVORITE restaurant, Noodle Wave and shared delicious Thai food, great conversation, and fabulous fashion, as always :-).

Here are some pics of our fun-filled afternoon.
Elif, Nazreen and Mary
Natsiria and the Dahduli sisters
Nour and Boosa rocking the vertical stripe trend.
Mary, Reem, Elif, Laila, and Dunia

We all shared some amazing personal stories.  Masha'Allah we have a strong group of muslimahs in our community, alhumdulillah.  ROCK ON SISTERS!  Until next year insha'Allah...