Sunday, August 12, 2012

The Donate A Hijab Program

Reem Saenz
Founder of The Donate A Hijab Program
is wearing our signature Comfijab in Black :-)

We wanted to share with you a very rewarding program that is going on now. Reem Saenz, a professional make up artist from Dallas founded and started the donate a hijab program. Reem is originally a revert from Mexico. As a new revert, Reem struggled to find Islamic clothing especially hijabs. She searched for a way to ease this difficulty for her future Muslim sisters and came up with the idea of this great program.

Reem has been working on this project for about 8 months, and has gotten wonderful feed back.

Those of us who live in countries where we can easily buy scarves in all the colors of the rainbow are privileged to have such a great selection. Many of us have an over abundance of scarves that we actually don't use. They either sit in a drawer or hang in our closets.

It is now time to make use of those hijabs by sharing them with someone who really desperately needs them. Here is information on how you can be a part of this exciting program.

1. Please visit The Donate a Hijab Program's Face book page and support Reem's efforts by clicking like.!/TheDonateAHijabProgram

2. Please mail or drop by (if you live in Dallas) any of your unused hijabs. All the instructions on how to donate are listed in the above link.

3. Please follow Reem as this project turns in to a world wide program.

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