Wednesday, June 20, 2012

It's Show Time!!!

Wheewww! We are all so glad the show is over :-) We had an amazing show, however, the last few weeks have been absolutely crazzyy! A designer's calendar is divided in to two sections, life before the show, and life after the show. Life before the show is anything and everything you can imagine from working 24/7 to trying to pull off last minute details, the stress of depending on a team of people, and worrying about the fact that whatever falls through the cracks will make you look bad as a designer, and knowing that at the end of the day, it's your name and your brand's life on the line. Life after the show is ofcourse, very sweet. It involves breathing and normal heart beats :-). It's the happiness of knowing you've accomplished another extremely difficult task and have overcome obstacles, and learned a lesson for your next show. It's knowing who was there for you, and who failed at their duty.

If you followed us on twitter and facebook, you knew about some of the drama behind the scenes. I had not updated my iphone and needed to do so in order to download a major application for the show. Well, what ended up happening is my phone crashed! Thank God my dear best friend's husband, helped us bring my phone back to life. The only catch was I lost all my contacts. Names and numbers of models, all my helpers, my relatives, my friends, yup, all their numbers were gone. I've managed to resave some of them through going back and reading texts, but that was about it.

This happened on Thursday. Little did I know, my phone crashing was the least of my problems. At about midnight, I got a text from one of my models, who was scheduled to wear two outfits, saying she could no longer model. Say whaaaa? I was so angry. I texted my full time assistant, and my best friend Nazreen, at about 2:00am updating her on my model situation. I was feeling really sick, and angry. How could a model drop out the day before the show? I couldn't sleep, leave alone gather my thoughts on how to find another last minute model. My poor assistant, woke up to my text and felt the same way and was up trying to find a solution. She emailed one of our other team members, who was also trying to figure out what to do.


It's hard to put in to words how much a show drains you. As a student, I used to imagine finals being my only worry. A fashion show is worse than your worst and most difficult final. Because it takes a team to pull it together and you have to depend on other people, you expect failures, and bumps along the way. You worry about every little detail. You worry about models flying across the runway, not showing up on time, not having music, etc, etc. This was another one of those shows where we were faced with unexpected obstacles, and we over came them with the help of Allah. Once the model problem was solved, thanks to Nazreen, we were all pumped up and ready to put on the best show ever. 

Backstage, we were laughing, dancing, talking, and having the most fun ever. The models went out there and did the best job! They looked beautiful, and had fun doing it. Our youngest model was 2 years old. :-)

We are waiting on our photographers to release the runway photos, until then, here are a few iPhone pictures we wanted to share.

A huge thank you to everyone who worked so hard and was a part of the event. To all my models, you are the best, thank you for doing a great job show casing our collection!!! 

To those of you who were not able to attend the show or live on the other side of the world, we have great news, we have a video coming up soon!!!


Elif Kavakci for HijabiTopia

Me before the show, in front of our Comfijab Booth

The Fashion for Compassion runway 5 hours before the show, pre-decorations.

EK in KAVAKCI COUTURE being interviewed by Patti McLeiche before the show.

On the red carpet, before the show with Patti McLeiche

Our 2 models before the show :-)

Our youngest model is rehearsing on the cat walk before the show. Isn't she adorable Mashallah?

Backstage getting one of our models Mary ready for the show.

Reem Saenz, the make up artist at work!
It's show time!!! Our models are about to go on to the catwalk :-)
One of our models on the catwalk. A little peacock has landed on her shoulder :-)


  1. Your line had to be my FAVORITE part!!! So Professional! Props to the Kavaci Couture team!

  2. MashaAllah! All for the show:-) Looking forward to see more pics. InshaAllah.

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  4. Tesekkur ederiz Elif hanim. Comfijab ile ilgili adresine email yazarsaniz asistanim sizi bilgilendirir.