Wednesday, June 13, 2012

2 days left till our show!!!!

Hello Ladies,

There is only 2 days left till our fashion show in Dallas on Friday June 15th.  You can read our previous post here.

We are so excited and pumped up to be presenting our latest collection "Cupcakes & Tutus".

This show will be a lot different than our other shows. It will be more whimsical :-)

We have a great team we are working with. The Fashion for Compassion organisers are superb. In addition to all that, I am looking forward to working with the queen of photography Nicole Queen again. She will be taking all our runway photographs. You can check out her work on her site

The runway make up for our models will be done by the famous artist Reem Saenz. She is spectacular, she works her magic and waves her brush and puts every one's best face forward. :-) Her portfolio is very impressive. She recently did America's next top model, Hannah's make up for a photo shoot. Her work has been featured internationally all over prestigious magazines. Make sure to visit her website to see photos of her work

If you already follow us on face book and twitter, you are updated and getting your backstage pass to behind the scenes. We will be tweeting live from the event. So don't miss it.@hijabitopia

Until next time, the show must go on!!!

Elif Kavakci for HijabiTopia

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