Monday, May 28, 2012


Juicy Couture Straw Hat available @Nordstrom

Our favorite trends of the summer include straw bags, straw sandals, straw accessories, and anything and everything made with straws.

Take a sip :-)

Straw Bags spotted @Nordstrom

Burberry Straw Sandals and Espadrilles spotted @Nordstrom

Friday, May 25, 2012

Dallas Fashion Show Alert!!!

If you live in Dallas and surrounding areas, do NOT miss this event. It will be a glamourous fashion show and evening event for ladies. All our HijabiTopia members and KAVAKCI COUTURE team will be there.

Click the link below for more information:!home/mainPage

You can also follow the event on facebook below:

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Hijabi Discussions: Raising a hijab-wearing daughter in a world that doesn't understand

Elif & Janna Ice-skating in Dallas

The following article was published in The Huffington Post and is a great read. Please click link below.

To read more inspirational stories about wearing hijab please CLICK

Monday, May 21, 2012

Islamic iPhone Apps for Kids

We wanted to share with you a couple of Islamic iPhone applications that we enjoy using.

The first one is Quran time App.

This application has most of the surahs and is wonderful for kids. Even your youngest ones will love listening to the Qur'an. It's a great bed time routine to have them click on the surahs and listen to them over and over again. Before you know it, they've got it memorized. Our kids love the Quran time app.

The second and newest one is the Salah Tracker for Kids App.

This is a new application invented by a mom. It's a fun and productive way for kids to keep up with their daily prayers.

Which types of applications do you use to teach your kids about Islam?  

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Faith, Fashion And Fusion Exhibition in Australia

Kudos to the Australian Muslim community for holding an event like this. All our Australian readers, make sure to go check it out. If you could also share your thoughts on the event with the rest of us, we would appreciate it! (we're passing out homework over here, raise your hand if you're interested or leave us a comment :-)

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Lauren Booth: Spotted wearing The Comfijab

Lauren Booth, Tony Blair's sister in law wearing the black Comfijab
Lauren Booth, Tony Blair'in baldizi, siyah Couture Comfijab basortumuzle.

Turn on the flashing lights, and the sirens, this is BREAKING NEWS.

The lovely Lauren Booth was spotted wearing our signature COMFIJAB in black.

She looks so beautiful!! Well done Lauren. We are proud to have another Super Hijabi who rocks our designs.

She was also spotted wearing the black Comfijab at a conference in Irving, TX.

You can watch Lauren in action in the video below. Keep an eye on her Comfijab :-)

Friday, May 11, 2012

Kareem Salama: I Am You

If you haven't heard Kareem Salama's latest single here it is.. We like it!!!

Monday, May 7, 2012

Costume Institute Gala 2012

The 2012 Costume Institute Gala took place at The Metropolitan Museum of Art on 5th avenue Monday night. This year’s event honored Schiaparelli and Prada in an evening called “Impossible Conversations.” For our earlier post about Schiaparelli please click here.

There were some beautiful gowns, and there were some absolutely strange looking gowns. Although we were very tempted to share the hilarious gowns that made us think "what were they thinking?", we decided to post the more modest looks from the Gala. :-)

The trend at the event of the year included lots of golds, whites, reds with prints, black masculine tuxes, and strange looking outfits that were probably a sad ode to Schiaparelli's surreal sense of style.

Ok, we'll start out with an interesting one, just for fun!

A fashion gala would not be complete without "the devil wears Prada" (aka Anna Wintour), right?

Anna Wintour in Prada

Well, in this case it's more like the devil versus Prada. What is Miuccia Prada wearing?! (seriously, maybe she shouldn't promote her own brand because it looks hazardous). LOL! Okay we said we were not going to be bashing anyone but it was impossible to pass without a comment.

Anna Wintour & Miuccia Prada both in PRADA
Anna's dress is glamourous. Did you see those muscles. Wow, Anna! Are you a boot camp fan too? We'll have to give you credit, for a woman who has a chaotic lifestyle in fashion, it's rare to see such muscular arms. Miuccia, enough said!

Alright, that was the funy part. Now we're moving on to prettier sights. :-)

Karolina Kurkova in Rachel Zoe
(Ooh la la, look how modesty adds elegance to a woman. We Like!)
Bianca Brandoling D'adda in Dolce & Gabbana
(Isn't this a mere version of Madonna's Super Bowl outfit? Just saying!)
Lilly Collins in Valentino
(Lilly looks like she came out of a fairy tale. We love the organza)
Tory Burch in Tory Burch in Tory Burch in Tory Burch
(LOL! WE just kept going for fun. We like the red leaves on the white. Tory looks so sweet like a little girl :-)
Sarah Jessica Parker in Valentino
(Did she just get off the film set of the Little House on the Prairie? She's missing the hat! We're not too crazy about flower print dresses but it's modest, we guess!)
Cameron Diaz in Stella McCartney
(ok, she's covered, we'll give her credit for that, but we definitely think this dress does not compliment Cameron's body. She looks older, and heavier. Wouldn't you agree?)
Rosie Huntington in Burberry
(This is a Burberry print we have not seen. Interesting!)

Well that's all folks! Hope you've enjoyed our coverage of the most dressed :-)!

Okay wait, we have one last surprise. Which family should Mary Kate Olsen be a member of? The Adams Family (*snap, snap*)

Mary Kate Olsen in The Row
(Rolling on the floor laughing!!!)
Photo Credits: Getty Images

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Trend Alert: Jelly Sandals!

Jelly sandals in bright colors are IN!  Here are some of our favorites!
Mel by Melissa 'Sugar II' Jelly Sandal
Mel by Melissa 'Apple II' Jelly Sandal
Lady Dragon VII Slingback