Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Hijab friendly work out tops from Land's End

Ever since I've shared my work out routines and my boot camp updates, many of you have asked what I wear when I work out.
One of the items that I have been wearing for the last year and have absolutely enjoyed the comfort and quality of are the Land's End cotton hoodies.

I have this top in white, gray and black. It's actually supposed to be used as a swimsuit cover up, but the longer length provides modesty and the design allows comfortable movement when working out.
When I originally purchased these, I purchased the first two to wear as casual wear, because I love wearing hooded tops with my Comfijab and cap in the summer. I also like dressing it up with a silk hijab and making it semi-casual.

But you know what they are the best for? They are the best for working out! They hit about mid thigh, and when worn with loose pants, they look very hijab friendly. The way they are designed, because there is a tie to gather above the waist, it's not a one piece long top that restricts movement. This design allows movement while providing coverage. I have worn these tops at boot camp day in, day out. When I work out, I like to concentrate 100% on the movements, the last thing I want to worry about is wardrobe malfunction.

Now the only con to this top is the fact that the sleeves do not come down to the wrist. This hoodie has roll up sleeves that can be buttoned and shortened to just above the elbow bone.

When worn in full length, they are about 5 inches short of the wrist. So this is where your sleeve slip ons come in. You have to either wear a long sleeve top inside, which I would not suggest in the summer, or those sleeve slip ons that are sold at Islamic stores.

You can purchase any of these hoodies online HERE.

And this is how I wear my hoodies:

SoHo: I'm wearing the black hoodie for a casual day out in town with Fashion Designer Ayse Akin. My style is "sporty takes classy out to town"  :-)

Punk-orama: I'm wearing the white hoodie with a touch of punk. My style is "spikey baby".

Elif Kavakci for HijabiTopia

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