Wednesday, March 28, 2012


As most of you know we currently only design couture. This means that each and every one of our clothes are specially made for each customer, hand sewn by our tailor in Turkey according to their measurements. In other words, unlike designers who mass produce their collections and first make samples to present to their buyers, we only have one of each item made. Sometimes the clothes are made in such a rush to get to the customer that, we may not even have time to take a picture of them. Often, the design goes straight to the atelier to be made and from there straight to the client. There have been many designs that I haven't seen until our client goes on TV or attends an event and I see it on the news. :-)

The fun part about designing couture is that each outfit is inspired by the client. When we sit down with a client, we first look at many factors. We answer some of these questions: how old is the client, what does she need (several designs, a special outfit to wear to an event, a wardrobe, or a whole collection specially made for them, etc), what does she do for a living, what is her style and what is her lifestyle. The majority of our clients are professional women who are in the public eye, so we tend to design a lot of pant suits and skirt suits along with some evening wear. So most of it is formal, sophisticated wear. 

I wanted to share with you a fun project that I worked on that required a bit more creativity than the usual. This is also a great example of how designing couture works.  

My customer was a 15 year old urban hijabi, with a very unique sense of style. First of all she is a student, she is active in sports, she has more of a masculine, tom boyish style, she prefers long tunics and pants over dresses, in her wardrobe she has items that are pop, rock, punk, emo, goth, and anything that would be defined as funky. When we peeked in to her closet we saw that the number one staple in her closet are jeans. She likes anything and everything with skulls on them, enjoys wearing black, but isn't also afraid of color. She likes her clothes to be comfortable, fun and most importantly hijab appropriate.

She came to us requesting an outfit to wear to a family wedding. She wanted something appropriate for the occasion but wanted to also be able to wear it for many years after the event. Since she is not crazy about wearing dresses and looking older than her age, we decided to design a formal yet funky tunic that she could wear with pants and not compromise on her style or her personality.

We brainstormed and thought what would be pop, yet formal for a wedding? We came up with Pop Couture! 

Here are pictures of our final design :-)

Fabric: Navy 100% Silk Taffeta
Trims: Metal zippers, and soda tabs

Our customer loved it, and wore her tunic proudly. :-)

Elif Kavakci for HijabiTopia


  1. I really enjoyed your post and love the fact how you bring a bit of the essence of what COUTURE is really like, because nowadays it is being misused. The piece is gorgeous! I thought the soda can tabs were something else, until I read the description. Very creative. I like it!