Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Calvin Klein FALL 2012 RTW

The King of Minimalism, Calvin Klein's latest collection has gone to longer lengths. The darts, the pleats, the peplum silhouettes are just a few of his minimalist yet powerful details.

Here are few of our pics.


  1. I love the jacket with the gold belt, so simple that makes it sophisticated and screams here I am without been loud... The first one looks casual but it could be one of those that with the right accessories can be dress up. Love this outfits...

  2. Wonderful pieces that can be dress up or down with the right accessories
    I particularly love the first outfit and the jacket with the gold belt :-)

  3. can never go wrong with calvin klein!! this company never dissapoints

  4. I agree with you Sarah, even the customer service employees are very friendly.

    Christina @ Ralph Lauren Tuxedos