Thursday, January 19, 2012

Silence of the lambs

Brrrr... The cold and harsh winter is here. Aren't you all freezing? Well, actually, those of you in the south, are probably having a light winter, but it is so cold here in New York. Last weekend we were in Penssylvania, skiing, and the weather was in the lower teens, and single digits at night. I literally froze! Okay, okay, I didn't, but the water bottle I forgot in the car overnight did! :-) We even left a small tub of icecream in the trunk of our car. Heheheh.

You all are probably wondering what I'm trying to get to, and what the title has to do with any of my blabbering but listen up cause it's confession time! :-) Remember when UGG's first became popular? I can not even remember what year that was, but all I remember was, I thought that UGGs were short for uggly. LOL! Eventhough, I'm all in to fashion, I am not one of those people to jump on the trend bandwagon as soon as it's out. I'd rather be the trend setter and not the follower. Other than the UGGs being awfully ugly and miss shaped, for the life of me, I never understood why in the heat of Dallas, girls would wear them day in and day out. When I saw someone wearing them in the mall, with their VS sweats, the designer in me screamed for air. Didn't their feet choke in those boots? What was the reason that people obsessed about UGGs and paid hundreds of dollars to look ugly in non orthopedic shoes. Well, it beat me. Until, I moved to NYC and then realized that there was more to it than the eye could see.

Fast forward to October of 2009, my first winter in NYC, becoming an Urban hijabi and having to walk in the streets, I could feel that my feet were getting cold. I first went and bought myself a nice pair of riding boots. They were comfortable, yet stylish. Because they came up right below my knees, they also protected my legs from the cold. (Or so, I thought!)

As the temperatures dropped, I realized that my leather boots were not so warm, and they felt more like trouser socks that just soaked up the cold. So I decided to head in to a well known shoe store in Manhattan. I looked at their selection of boots. Since this was going to be my first winter, I didn't know what to expect. I knew that it would snow a lot in winter, and would rain, but the question was I wanted to purchase only one pair of boots that could keep my feet warm and still bear the weather. As I walked around the store, I started chatting with a few of the local ladies to ask them for advice. They said I would need something waterproof for sure. Something that wouldn't slip on snow and ice, and could uphold well when all the snow melted in to slush. All of a sudden, I found myself standing next to UGGs. I knew the plain suede ones would soak, but there was one that was completely water proof and had an orthopedic sole. I tried it on and absolutely loved the feel of it. The look was okay. It was no 5" pencil heel bootie, but for what I needed, it would do the job for sure.

Looking back, my waterproof UGGs were one of the best purchases I made. They are so soft on the inside and so warm that my feet are calm and happy. Because they are waterproof, I actually use them as my snow boots. I've worn them over and over, when we go skiing, they don't slip or slide. Eventhough I should probably get myself a new pair, I'm so content with my old ones that if they still make them, I suggest anyone looking for warm boots living in cold climates should get them.

There are ofcourse many other brands that might provide some of the similar qualities. My older daughter enjoyed wearing her northface boots as well. She said they were very nice and warm, and waterproof as well. Although she always argued that they were never as comfortable and cozy as her first pair of suede UGGs, and begged me to get her another pair for the last 2 years. Since they are not waterproof and orthopedic, I will wait till they make some like mine in her size before we purchase a pair for her.

So there you go! Silence of the lambs on my feet, a smile on my face, I'm ready to face another ice cold winter. :-)

If you are also on the look out for some nice warm, waterproof boots, here are a few of our favorites from

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UGG Bridgeport Boot
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Merell Encore Apex Boot
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Elif Kavakci for HijabiTopia


  1. Asalaamu alaikum

    Here in Canada my daughter said the big trend on campus is Sorels.

  2. Yes, Sorels are actually pretty popular in New York too! Thanks for your comment! :-)