Monday, December 19, 2011

Girls Night Out!

We recently caught up with our bff's this past weekend at our favorite restaurant Noodlewave!

Here comes Nicole bearing gifts! "Ho ho ho!" she says! LOL! JK!

I think we started going a little crazy taking pics. This nice patron dining beside us volunteered to take our pics! We heart Noodlewave! Even the other diners are just SO nice! Here's the money shot!

Fabulously stylish Mary also joined us a bit later, but by then I think we were all pictured out, so unfortunately I didn't get any good pics of her with us. Sorry Mary! But I know she won't mind too much, because she'd rather have me post a good picture of her than a not-so-good pic. Right Mary?

It was so great to catch up after so long. Alhumdulillah for good food, amazing friends, and intellectual conversation. What a perfect end to a long week! Masha'Allah!


  1. Well I'm as big as Santa Claus so the "Ho Ho Ho" fits! LOL...It's always such a blessing to get together with friends who share the same passion for Allah, life, and family! I'm so thrilled to have you girls in my life and also as thankful that you will be Aunties for Talal, Inshallah. He's almost here!!!