Monday, December 5, 2011

Elegant, Stylish Hijabi

Most of you have probably heard of Rouba Houli who has been on the red carpet getting media attention. She is a beautiful hijabi the wife of Australian football player, midfielder, Bachar Houli. She accompanies her husband to events where "less is more" and women often wear backless, flashy dresses. She dares to stand out in her stunning Islamic attire. In one of her interviews, when asked how she feels about being the only one in hijab on the red carpet, here is what Rouba says:

"It's up to them what they wear. I'll definitely be covered. A lot of people have said to me about the Brownlow, 'What will you wear?'. I'll wear a dress and I'll fix my scarf nicely. I'll just be proud of who I am and what I believe in so (seeing others in daring outfits) wouldn't affect me in any way."

Claire Harvey of The Daily Telegraph wrote a wonderful article on her opinion of Rouba's hijab style. It's a must read that we wanted to share with you.

Here is the link: