Monday, December 26, 2011

Congratulations Anissa!!!

I have big news to share! Would you like to hear it?

My best friend started wearing Hijab!!! Congratulations Anissa!!! We are very proud of you and we hope you will have a great time wearing Hijab like we do! Now it's time to welcome you to HijabiTopia. Yay for Anissa!! I think you are the bravest to make this decision! So come on everyone write a comment and let's make her feel proud!!!!!

Here are some pictures of me and Anissa ice-skating, and at the mall. We are both wearing Comfijabs :-)

Janna(aka Elif Kavakci's daughter) for HijabiTopia

Anissa is a figure skater. She competes professionally. She also teaches me some cool moves :-) (I'm wearing my black comfijab, Anissa is wearing her white comfijab)

Anissa and I are at the mall waiting for Scrooge the puppet to come out and give us a good laugh. (I'm wearing the navy comfijab, Anissa is wearing her black comfijab)

I love you Anissa!

(When Anissa's parents came to pick me up, and I opened the car door, I noticed that Anissa and I were twinkies. It was unplanned, but we are both wearing the comfijab in silvery gray :-)

I can't believe we are going to ice-skate around that big tree!



Wow, all this action is making us thirsty... Slurp :-)

After all that ice-skating and shopping we were exhausted! We decided to get a nice massage. Anissa wasn't shy about kicking off her boots. And I just closed my eyes and relaxed. :-)


  1. Slam
    nice post :) All the best dear girls,congrats anissa !
    I always cover my head whenever i go outside but not a hijabi till now! Hopefully Soon :)
    Jazak Allah Friendd

  2. Mubarak Anissa on becoming a hijabi.I guess I can say welcome to club.May the Almighty Allah swt bless us all Insha-Allah!!!
    Thanks Janna for sharing the big news =)

  3. (Anissa) JANNA! THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Imgoing to IQA and will tell EVERYONE that im wearing a desinger hijab, the comfijab proudly from Kavaci couture!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;-)

  4. Congrats, Anissa! MashAllah, you look beautiful in your hijab! InshAllah, I hope that you will continue to wear it, and be a proud Muslimah!

  5. Thank You ladies!!! Congrats Anissa!!

  6. Assalaamu Alaykum, where can you buy the Comfijabs, in south africa?

  7. Wa alaikum salam, we currently do not ship to South Africa. But if and when we do, we will announce it on the blog inshallah.