Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Nevnihal's Style

Sometimes there is a lot to say about hijab. But sometimes it's more simple and doesn't need a mouthful of words. Hijab can take a woman from being ordinary to unique. From being just a person in the crowd to being the sophisticated one. There is faith at will, but individuality and style always jumps out. Hijab is a frame that brings out the facial feautures of a woman. It puts aside all the distractions. There are certain faces that no matter what they wear, they glow amongst the rest. Whether they wear a black abayah, a chadoor, a nikab, or a trendy hijab, no matter what type or color they wear, they carry the elegance and honor of modesty.

Sometimes words can't express what hijab means and how it beautifies us. Sometimes a picture is a thousand words...

Merve Dagli Photography


  1. Beautiful, elegant and lovely! :)

  2. very nice pictures, I am speechless

  3. She is even prettier in person Mashallah! :-)