Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Congratulations to 2 Super Hijabis!!!!

As most of you know  The World's 500 Most Influential Muslims, 2011 edition has been recently released.

Amongst them are 2 very special Super Hijabis whom we have feautured on our blog. We would like to send a special congratulations to them both for being the best hijabi role models!!

My lovely sister Dr. Merve Kavakci & our dear friend, Member of Brussels Parliament, Mahinur Ozdemir


The 500 Most Influential Muslims
Social Issues (p.134)

These individuals address various social issues such as health, education,women’s rights, the environment, human rights and conflict resolution.

United States

Kavakçi, Prof. Dr Merve

Merve Kavakçi is a lecturer on culture and international affairs at George Washington University. In 1999, she was barred from a position in the Turkish Parliament for refusing to remove her hijab. She is an important symbolic figure for the headscarf issue in Turkey and promotes Muslim women’s rights at events all over the world, criticizing Turkey’s anti-Islamic policies. Kavakçi is also a Hafiza of the Qur’an.


Ozdemir, Mahinur [new]

Ozdemir is a young politician and the first hijab-wearing Member of Parliament of any European country. She was sworn in to the Belgian parliament, while wearing a headscarf. The event garnered mass interest in Turkey, where in 1999 Merve Kavakçi was denied the right to take her oath of office because of her hijab. Ozdemir is of Turkish origin and is a member of the Francophone Christian Democrat party.

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