Thursday, October 13, 2011

Royal Blue

In case you didn't know, one of my favorite things to do other than designing is writing. I love to write and look forward to getting together with other writers. The other night I attended poetry night at Vica Miller's writing salon. I was absolutely speechless. I've never really attempted poetry. I think it's a unique talent and really requires above-average intellect. I say that because I personally think, anyone can be a writer if they want to. To most people it comes very natural, to other's it takes time and practice. But it's not impossible.  Poetry, however, is a bit more complicated. Wouldn't you agree?

On poetry night four different writers shared their poems. While listening to them, my mind took a trip down memory lane as I remembered my university days when I studied The Odyssey, and Shakespeare, and all the historical writers. I remembered how we used to read lines and try to figure out what they meant. From British literature to American, there was such a gap.

As I listened to the poets of our day, I once again realized the power of language and the power of words. As one of the poets read, I thought about how his poem sounded so rhythmical, almost like listening to a rap song. The beat, his enunciation, the adaptation of language from what it used to be to slang. I thought about what future generations would think when they tried to decode our language.

I can write an epic of thoughts on this subject. I actually almost majored in linguistics in university after studying 7 years of French and 4 years of German, in addition to my Turkish and English :-)

I think linguistics and writing go hand in hand. I think it's a very important way of expression that we need to instill on our kids. (I will write about this in detail on another post :-)

I will sum up my thoughts with a quote from Vica Miller  "I write and therefore I am".

On the night of the event, I decided to copy my niece Fatima's style. Remember her look from our older post CLICK She was wearing this royal blue scarf that we shared with you from CLICK
Well, guess what? I copied her look and adapted it to my style and Voila!

I put the Royal in the Blue
(OK, I know that sounded cheesy, but hey, give me some credit :-)

I'm sitting right behind the poets, hoping some of their talent will pass on to me
(a girl can dream can't she?!)

Me and the lovely Vica Miller
Me and a Fashionable friend of Vica who is a linguist
I chatted with her and learned so much.
Did you know that many Chinese people speak Russian? It's the new trend!
(neither did I :-)

As always I left the salon on cloud 9. If you haven't thought about writing yet, I hope this inspires you!

Photo Credits: The last 3 photos are courtesy of Vica Miller

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Elif Kavakci for HijabiTopia

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