Friday, October 14, 2011

G-I- Jane I am!

I've got major news to share. I've joined a 12 week Boot Camp :-@. It's funny because I just kind of tumbled in to it. Literally :-)

My whole life I've worked out. There have been times when I was pregnant or too busy, but overall, I've either worked out at a club or somehow walked or ran. When I was still in University, I did a lot of kickboxing, as well as boxing- not against a person, but with a trainer or a huge punching bag.

After our move to Manhattan, I took it upon myself to go on regular jogs and runs at Central Park because it's such a blessing and a beautiful place to workout that's in nature. I've shared my running stories with you earlier. CLICK

For the last two years, I've been telling my husband how I'm dying to do boot camp, but not just any boot-camp. You know the one where Madonna's personal trainer teaches. The one where all the V.S. models work out. Yup, Chelsea Piers Boot-Camp. That's where I wanted to do it. I've often received Groupon deals and was so tempted to try it out, but everytime I would chicken out. I knew that I'd  have to commit to it timewise, and could not have much flexibility with work.

A couple weeks ago, when I was picking up my girls from school, another parent/instructor I ran into said that she had heard that a few moms will be working out together. But she didn't give me the details. As I was in the process of trying one out I found out that it's a boot camp held at the nearby park.

I thought, O-M-G. I'm not sure, if I can find parking, arrange my schedule, but I'll go ahead and try it out for one day.

So I went to the location and told the instructor I would like to try it out once and see how I'm doing.

The first day was both very challenging and actually fun. The instructors were very nice. Normally you know how at boot camp there's lots of screaming and yelling and people crying, well, this wasn't that ugly. But this was no piece of cake either.

After working out for 15 minutes, doing things I have never done in my whole life, the instructor told us that was the warm up and now we are ready for the real stuff, oh did I get scared or what?!

The fun part was this was a bunch of moms from the same school. I had seen most of their faces before but never really chatted with them. I would always see them in workout clothes like myself in the mornings though. So I knew that pretty much everyone has some kind of work out routine. What also turned out to be great is the fact that even though I joined in later, we all are somewhat at the same level. I'm still behind in doing wheel barrels and jumping squats and matrix and all these other excercises that I can't remember the names of but at least I didn't feel like throwing up like some of the other ladies did on their first day. :-)

After doing step for years, and pilates, even planks and squats, or learning how to horse back ride, at boot camp it was as if I knew nothing and started out from zero.

I've only attended 2 sessions and I can't explain to you how much I enjoy it. It hurts so good. It's funny because when I dropped my 5 year old in the morning and told her I have to leave early to make it in time for boot camp she asked "but mama, why do you do it, it hurts you mama, please don't do it" :-)
Since she's seen me walk like a duck immitating a monkey that's moaning like a cow, for the last 3 days, for the life of her, she can't understand why I would do something that hurts me.

The answer is, I do it for me. I do it because after crawling in the mud like a soldier, carrying a 120lb weight lady on my back for 3 laps, doing hundreds of push ups, lying in the ground with my whole Comfijab in mud, rain falling in my face while trying to lift my whole body weight with only my core, I feel like a hijabi G.I. Jane!

Being a mom or a designer or a writer for the rest of the day is a piece of cake!

Here are couple of pictures we took after my second session. I can not believe I'm putting these online and hope that these don't come up in my google search, or are not copied by some journalist. LOL. But I wanted to share my boot camp story with all of you.

Some of the ladies at work. I took this picture during my 30 second breather and water break. This looks easy but the ladies were trying to use each other's resistance with a band and shuffeling, running backwards etc.
The instructor is in the middle.

After such an intense workout, these moms are ready to take on anything. BRING IT ON!!
(This is the ugliest picture of me ever!!!) LOL!
G.I. Elif :-)

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  1. Wow! I have no words to describe how many emotions I experienced when reading your blog on BrownstoneFitness' bootcamp. This is a million dollar review! We can train in the park through rain, sleet and snow all day long just to know you're happy, challenged, motivated and craving more of our bootcamp sessions. We're thrilled!