Thursday, September 8, 2011

Hijab has become her

One year ago, today, I had shared with you my tears of joy post when my daughter had decided to wear hijab on the first day of school. I wanted to do an anniversary post or rather an update since so many of you wonderful readers made comments and shared in my joy.

If you haven't read my daughter Janna's story, you can read it here.

Janna rocking the Navy Comfijab
On the first day of school on September 7, 2010, my daughter Janna committed to wearing hijab full time. I had emailed her principal and her teacher to let them know that she will be attending the school in her Islamic attire. I wanted to notify the school ahead of time for 2 reasons.

1. She would be the first student ever, in the history of the school, out of 500 students to wear hijab!
2. Her friends from last year all knew her as a non-hijabi and might have different reactions to it.

I wanted the school to be aware and ready to act incase Janna faced cruel remarks, or insults. I didn't think it would happen, but based on her first year as a non hijabi, I remember how one of her classmates had consistently made fun of Janna's thick eyebrows which resulted in a painstaking ordeal.

The principal and the teacher couldn't be more welcoming. They congratulated us and Janna on her mature decision to practice her beliefs, and to take a stand. As most of you who live in the U.S. know, this country is "the land of the free". Since I grew up in the U.S. and we migrated here in 1988 from a Muslim country where we were banned from wearing hijab, I know!
Janna performing at a school musical wearing her White Comfijab
Janna's first few days wearing hijab were a bit chaotic. Even though we had planned her closet and hijabified everything in her wardrobe, she insisted on wearing long wrap scarves that had to be draped and pinned and pinned.   You know the story. After a few days of struggling to put on her hijab and make it to school on time, she decided that there was nothing better to wear then her Comfijabs. This ofcourse made me very proud. Now my little girl, was not only wearing hijab, but she was wearing my own couture design hijabs.

Alhamdulillah, other then a few curious questions coming from friends over time, everyone accepted her for who she was.

Janna and her classmates at the Warriors book signing
{Rocking the black Comfijab}
She has had a great last year, as long as we were in the U.S. However, during our trip to Turkey this summer, she faced ugly comments, insults, and questions coming from the so called secular Turks. She saw things she never saw before, and heard things she would never hear before. It was ugly!

I was of course by her side, and more than half the time, the comments were being made to me as if I was torturing my child by letting her practice Islam at the age of 10. I will not enclose the details of the ugliness we faced, but it left my child scared and timid to be alone in Turkey, a Muslim country. Her experiences probably left her with an ache in her heart. The heart where she couldn't fit her love and admiration for her mother's land.

On a happier note, today, September 7, 2011 is her anniversary of wearing hijab, in the land of the free. She has grown so much, and hijab has become such a complete part of her. I hope this year brings her another year of joy as she goes on to 5th grade and is more active and outspoken among her peers. I hope the ugliness she has experienced allows her to stand rooted to her foundation and her Islamic boundaries.

Janna and her sister and her sister's bff at Build-a-bear
{Rocking the white Comfijab}

Janna's hijab is now a part of who she is. Nothing else in her life changed, and she has never felt that she can't do something because she wears hijab. This is what it's all about. She still ice-skates, plays the guitar, acts, sings, and likes spending time with her friends.
Janna playing guitar with her teacher at the music school
{My baby girl loves the white Comfijab}

Hijab has become her, and again I am so proud!

Elif Kavakci for HijabiTopia


  1. Mash'Allah..what a lovely piece..I will certainly be showing it to my almost eight year old daughter as part of our ongoing discussions about her wearing hijab in the future's so positive to see a young muslimah wearing hijab and enjoying her life..May Allah protect her...


  3. Maasha Allah... she is indeed a gorgeous kid.
    May Allah give her all health, wealth and happiness in both this earth and Jannah...

  4. Mashallah,She is absolutely beautiful!This is such an amazing story. Inshallah she will grow to be a strong and spiritual individual! mashallah mashallah! May Allah bless you both. :)

  5. Masha Allah~ She is beautiful~ and you are beautiful too~ May Allah bless you :)

  6. Subhanallah ...inspiring story sister

  7. Subhana'allah!! .. She looks so so so beautiful in the hijab, Masha'allah ..! May Allah keep her strong and give her the ajar for it!

    P.S. Her story sounds something similar to the story line of "Does my head look big in this", but the difference your daughter is much mature at very young age, masha'allah!

  8. Thank You all so much! I apologize for not replying to the comments earlier. I've had technical difficulties logging in to comment on the blog. Hopefully we are all set now.
    Janna has read all your comments as well and is so happy to hear such positive feedback. The reason I wanted to share her story is hoping it would inspire others.

    @dunyatodeen It's funny you mentioned the name of that book because I read it last summer, and loved it. And Janna was so curious she read the whole book, and that's what was the final button that pushed her to decide that she should start wearing it the first day of school.

    Janna's best friend also decided that she will start wearing hijab this week on the first day of school! We will inshallah share her story as well.

    Thanks again so much for being a part of our joy here at HijabiTopia! :-)

  9. Subhanallah! Yes, do share in the story of her best friend too, would love to read it! :)