Monday, August 22, 2011

Ramadan Sale at Ahiida!!!

One of our favorite designers Aheda Zanetti, the designer of the original Burqini Islamic Swim suits is having her annual Ramadan sale! Burqinis are 30% off!

You already know that, Ahiida is the only brand HijabiTopia Team wears. That's right! Each and every one of us, (Elif, Nazreen, Nicole, Mary) plus our friends, and family members own a Burqini. We can not say enough about our Burqinis!!!

I'm actually the proud owner of 2! My daughter also joined me this year and we've become Burqini buddies. I hadn't planned on getting 2 Burqinis, but something amazing happened this summer. As I was getting ready for my trip to Turkey, where we go swimming every year, I realised I had left my Burqini in Dallas. I called my niece asking her to look for it. Well, she couldn't find it! So in panic, I got online trying to order one so it could arrive before I left. In the process I thought I will also order one for my 10 year old, since this will be the first year she will go swimming as a hijabi. Well, little did I know that when the lovely Ahiida team noticed my name on the order form, they went ahead and sent one for me and my daughter as a gift! Isn't that wonderful?! I've talked to the lovely Aheda many times, and before I had even gotten to know her better, I already had so much respect for her for designing such an exquisite product.  Year after year, I love wearing my Burqinis.  My daughter also loved hers.

                              WE LOVE YOU AHEDA!!!

And here is what Nazreen had to say about hers in a previous post.

"My burqini came in handy during this trip. Eight-years ago I didn't own a burqini, nor did I know of such an amazing piece of hijabi-friendly swimwear! Ladies, if you don't have one, let me just tell you, it is the one thing you cannot go to the beach without! Not only is it comfortable,stylish and slimming, it is also made with SPF material! Additionally, you can swim, snorkel, and boogie board in it with ease. And, people don't really stare at you that much in it. Are you sold yet? I hope I get commission out of this ad. Haha!"  

Hurry! Before the sale ends and get your Burqini!!!

Sevgili Okurlar,

Aheda Zanettinin tasarimi olan ilk ve orijinal tesetturlu mayo Burqini Ramazan ayinda indirime girmistir. Ben ve HijabiTopia arkadaslarim, her yaz denizde Burqini mayolarimizi giymekten cok memnunuz.  Dunyanin her yerinden siparis verme imkaniniz var.

Burqini mayosu ile ilgili yazdigim detayli yaziyi okumak isterseniz:

%30 indirimden istifade etmek isterseniz assagidaki linkten siparis verebilirsiniz.

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  1. I love my Ahiida burqini! Best purchase I ever made and it didn't take long to arrive!