Friday, August 12, 2011

Meeting with BNG designer Nilgun Gulen

This summer I had the joy of meeting with BNG brand designer and owner Nilgun Gulen.

BNG is a Turkish brand name that has become a recognized international brand. In fact only 30% of their sales are domestic. They own many stores in Turkey, and are a well-known brand in Italy and Japan.
The first time I visited their store in Alacati, Turkey, where my inlaw's summer house is, I fell in love and left the store with 3 items that I've happily worn over and over. Their choice of fabric and well-thought construction caught my attention. Of course, what attracted me most to their clothes, was their hijab-friendliness. :-)

I recently met with the designer and had a great long chat about their future plans. They currently have many customers in the U.S. hopefully, they'll open a store for all the hijabis to shop at.

Here are some pictures from our meeting and a video from one of their fashion shows.

For those of you who like to know the details of my outfit, I'm wearing KAVAKCI COUTURE. The green top is a Kimono Inspired top. It's made from silk and cotton mix fabric from Mood Fabrics. The sleeves have 2 layers so that it keeps me cool yet is not see thru.  Inside the green top I'm wearing a silk satin sleeveless high neck top from the KAVAKCI COUTURE basics collection. I completed my outfit with white linen/cotton mix pants. Cool, Conservative, Chic!

To get more information about BNG you can visit their website

Here is the video from their Milan show...

Elif Kavakci for HijabiTopia