Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Kubra's Style Part II

Continued from PART I

Kubra wanted her outfit for her sister's wedding to be very unique. She decided she wanted several concepts to be combined into one amazing design. She chose a bright, beautiful color that would accent her skin and eyes. She chose silk taffeta, silk tulle, and swarovski crystal stones to be embroidered on to the fabric. She wanted a floor- length duster with puffy sleeves and harem pants.

Inotherwords, she wanted 17th century French

mixed with 18th-century Ottoman, hijabified and applied to 2011.

She also begged to differ in her hijab style. It had to compliment her outfit and look a bit more formal compared to her daily hijab style, without distracting from the overall look of her outfit.

Are you ready to see what she wore?

Enter the lovely maid of honor,

While Kubra is posing for us, and is chatting away with her friends, she has totally forgotten to take the Bride's flowers and give them to her. Oh NO! :-)

The lovely bride Busra, is standing and waiting for her flowers to arrive so she can head over to the ceremony.

"Come, on Kubra!" she says smiling at the camera."I can't take pictures without my flowers!"

Kubra rushes over to her sister's side. Oh wait, who else is at this wedding? Could that be Fatima? We think so!

We still don't see any flowers Kubra! Where did you leave them? :-)

And finally, the Maid of Honor gives the flowers to the bride. (Whew!)

Now they can pose with all their friends!

At the reception, Fatima looks over to Kubra, and says "Seriously Kubra, what took you so long with the flowers?"

"I must have forgotten them some place while posing" she giggles.

The girls laugh and say, "One last smile for the camera! Say cheese!"

We thank the lovely sisters Busra and Kubra for letting us post their pictures on our blog to share with all of you! We also thank Fatima, for going out of her way to make sure she covered this amazing wedding for all of us to see.

We hope that these posts will inspire you to be the amazing hijabis that you all are, and will also inspire ideas for lovely outfits.

100% Hijabi, 100% Stunning!


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